The Four Best Honeymoon Destinations for 2024

A honeymoon isn’t like all the other trips. At its best, a honeymoon should celebrate you as a couple – mirroring your shared interests while gesturing toward the romantic future ahead. 

That said, not everywhere in the world makes for a great honeymoon. Case in point: while we love charged-up cities like Chicago, Shanghai, and Berlin, they aren’t the most romantic atmospheres to celebrate a recent nuptial. (Unless those cities are meaningful to you in some personal way). 

Instead, this list opts for a mixture of time-worn classics, up-and-coming beach destinations, and evocative locales to pinpoint the best honeymoon destinations of 2024. If you’re getting married this year but haven’t decided where to celebrate afterward, consider the destinations below. 

The Evergreen Classic: Northern Italy

Northern Italy is a longstanding honeymoon classic – for good reason. Excellent food, elegant architecture, luxurious lodgings, and an unmistakable air of romanticism are everywhere in the region. It helps, too, that enduring classics like Romeo and Juliet reinforce the romantic connotations of Northern Italy. While most people beeline for Venice, this list gives the edge to a different city (see below). 

Top Pick: Portofino, a beautiful seaside town near Genoa that marries great beaches with world-class food and unbelievably gorgeous vistas.  

The Outdoorsy Couple’s Eden: Costa Rica

Not one for the old-world charms? Would you and your SO rather hike through a jungle than laze around a café? Look no further than Costa Rica, an increasingly popular travel destination in the heart of Central America. Costa Rica combines lovely beaches with dense jungles, towering mountains a bevy of thrill-seeker activities, and a sophisticated nightlife scene. Just make sure to pack travel wear that can be worn to hikes or dinners – that way, you can do it all!

Top Pick: La Fortuna, a charming town surrounded by imposing volcanoes, impressive waterfalls, white-water rafting excursions, and jungle walks. 

For the Beach-Loving Newly Weds: The Philippines

The world has no shortage of amazing beach destinations. Several destinations could have made this list: the Greek Islands, Southern Thailand, the Maldives, the Cook Islands, etc. But one beach destination rises above the rest. For the quality of its pristine waters and white sand, and the relative inexpensiveness of its luxury lodgings, head to a Filipino island. 

Top Pick: Boracay, a stunning beach destination just a short flight from the capital city of Manila. (Seriously, look up photos – it’s wild how beautiful Boracay is!)

Close-to-Home Romance: Quebec

Understandably, not all couples can charter a transcontinental flight right after their wedding. (Have you seen the price of weddings these days?) Don’t worry; there’s still plenty of romance to be had here in North America. Our top pick is the Canadian province of Quebec, which mixes French-European charm with beautiful natural landscapes and wonderful food. 

Top Pick: Quebec City, the closest thing you’ll find to a cobblestone French town outside of Europe. The city combines top-notch hospitality with plenty of activities and attractions. 

Consider these trendy honeymoon destinations if you’re a lovebird getting hitched this coming calendar year.

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