Emi Canyn’s Unidentified Facts and the Cause of her Death

Mick Mars ex-wife Emi Canyn biography, Early Life, Marriage, Net Worth, and the Cause of Her Death

Emi Canyn was a singer and vocalist for Canon, She Roc, and Alice N Thunderland, among other artists. She and Mick Mars were known as the motley crue backup singers on their tours. Also, she gained attention and fame for being an ex-wife to the guitarist Mick Mars. Her husband Mick is the guitarist and co-founder of Motley Crue, the heavy metal band.

Emi Canyn was a part of her husband’s group Motley Crue during their Girls, Girls, Girls tour. She also provided vocals for their multi-platinum album Motley Crue – Dr. Feelgood. Tragically, Emi died in 2017. We’ll find out what caused her death.

In this article, we’ll look at some additional fascinating information about Emi. Let’s get started.

Quick Fact about Mick Mars ex-wife Emi Canyn

Full NameEmi Jo Schmidt
Date of BirthDecember 5, 1954
BirthplaceTacoma, Washington, United States of America
Age62 years old (at the time of passing)
FatherFloyd Schmidt
MotherEleanor Schmidt
OccupationMusician, songwriter
Body typeSlim Built
Height6 feet 2 inches
Hair ColourBlonde
Eyes ColourBrown
DeathFebruary 25, 2017
Spouse(s)Marc Nelson, Mick Mars

Her Wiki/Early life

Emi Canyn was born on the 5th of December 1954 in Tacoma, Washington. Her birth name was Emi Jo Schmidt. The birthplace was in the constellation of Sagittarius. In addition, her husband was born on May 4, 1951. At the time of his 2022 birthday the year 2022, he will be 71 years old.

In addition, Emi Canyn is of American nationality. She adheres to Christianity. Additionally, she was an active participant in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

Emi Canyn
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Who Are Her Parents? Her Education 

Emi Canyn was the child of Floyd Schmidt and Eleanor Schmidt. In addition, her parents were religious, and he was raised as a fervent Christian.

Concerning her schooling, there aren’t any particulars about the school she attended. But, she finished her education at an area school in Washington. Then she graduated from Mount Tahoma High School in 1973.

Their Relationship

Mick Mars ex-wife Emi Canyn

Mick Mars is a celebrated guitarist in Motley Crue the band that is known for their popular songs that continue to be a favorite of certain fans. What happened when Mars came to know Canyon isn’t known. They were introduced and were in love with one the other. Like many celebrities who wed immediately after meeting the person they love, this couple waited for many years before Mars finally made a proposal to her. Emi Canyn agreed, which was a blessing they were able to marry. The couple married in 1990. There is no record of what the wedding looked like and the number of guests who were present. What, if anything, does it really need to be a factor?

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Emi Canyn and Mick Mars got Divorced

Emi Canyn Mick Mars ex-wife

It took thirty months before the couple realized that they were not meant for the same person. After their wedding, they had problems and were forced to split after getting married just three years ago. The couple then divorced. In 1994, the couple concluded the divorce settlement. What led to their divorce is not known, however, it is obvious that the couple needed to part in separate ways.

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Emi Canyn Never Had A Child

Emi Canyn never had children in her life. Her marriage with Mick ended in divorce after just three years of being together. At the time of her marriage, the couple did not have children with each other.

But, Emi Canyn Mars had two stepchildren from her husband’s marriage with Sharon Deal in 1971.

How did Emi Canyn die

Emi Canyn passed away at age 62 on the 25th of February 2017 at her home in Lacey, Washington. The parents of Emi died shortly before her death, and Emi Canyn cause of death is unclear.

She was a pet lover who kept pets throughout her life because she was passionate about them. The last pets she had before her passing were two pups she had called Gizmo Kujo and Gizmo. Kujo.

What Is Emi’s Net Worth?

Emi Canyn net worth

The backup vocalist of Motley Crue, she made a substantial sum of money as a performer. Emi’s estimated worth was about 1 million dollars at the time of her demise.

In 2022 her ex-partner Mick has a net worth of about $70 million US dollars.

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Seraina Schönenberger (Mick Mars Current Wife)

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Seraina Schonenberger was a former Miss Zurich contestant as well as a Swiss model. The spotlight began to be ablaze when she was spotted with popular American musician and musician Mick Mars. Mars is most well-known as the guitarist in the popular rock group Motley Crue. Prior to achieving international recognition due to her romance with Mick Mars, Schonenberger attained fame as a model. She was a model for numerous Swiss magazines. Schonenberger began a relationship with Mars at the age of seven after she met Mars at a concert. After being with the famous guitarist for six months, the singer was married to Mars in 2013. She is now living in Nashville, Tennessee, along with her famous husband.

Seraina Schönenberger Age

The gorgeous model celebrates her birthday on the 4th of October every year. Seraina has turned 35 and began her life in the year 1984. the Libra sun sign, which is a charming, intelligent, and well-balanced person.


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