All About Ellen Heidingsfelder, Wife of Copper Manning

Cooper Manning Wife Ellen Heidingsfelder – Bio, Wiki, Education Family, Career, Height, Kids

Who is Ellen Heidingsfelder? Often referred to as the living spouse of a sports show host, Cooper Mannings, Ellen is also one of the most well-known and sought-after lawyers in the United States. Let’s now get to meet Mr. Manning’s wife by learning more about her age, children, and much more.

Quick Facts about Ellen Heidingsfelder

NameEllen Heidingsfelder
Age54 years
Date of birth20th December 1968
HusbandCooper Manning
ChildrenArch Manning,
Heid Manning,
Mary Manning
Zodiac signSagittarius
Net worthest $1 million
FatherCharles E. Heidingsfelder
MotherDot Heidingsfelder
SiblingsJane Heidingsfelder, Molly Silvia
Mother-in-lawOlivia Manning
Father-in-lawArchie Manning
Profession Lawyer
Famous asCooper Manning Wife

Ellen Heidingsfelder Biography

She is famous for her role as an American lawyer, but most famously because of her romantic connection to Cooper Manning. Ellen Heidingsfelder was born on the 20th day of December 1968 in her home country, the United States of America.

Ellen Heidingsfelder was born precisely in the New Orleans, Los Angeles region of the United States. She was raised by parents who were committed Catholics and, consequently, were a part of Catholicism as well as Qas, by extension, Christianity.

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Her Education 

Ellen Heidingsfelder has been a Law graduate (Bachelor’s degree Holder) from the famous Loyola University Law School. Before pursuing a degree specializing in Law at the university of the name, however, Ellen attended the University of Virginia, where she was a student and received her first degree.

Of course, she’s an elementary school teacher and a high school diploma holder. Cooper Ellen Manning completed her primary and high schooling in local schools in the vicinity of Orleans, Los Angeles.

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Her Career 

After graduating from the famous Loyola University Law School and receiving a bachelor’s certificate in Law from that school, Ellen Heidingsfelder started a career as a lawyer and attorney.

Although she has achieved many accomplishments in her professional career as a lawyer, Ellen has yet to reveal details about the extent to which her job is. In reality, very little is known about her career.

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Their Relationship

Ellen Heidingsfelder

Cooper has been happily wed to Ellen Heidingsfelder, a woman he has known since they were kids and whom he eventually became a fan of as they got older. They were together for a long time before getting married in 1999.

While Ellen and Cooper were friends from childhood, Their romantic inclinations were not until further into their careers. Cooper’s mother was constantly there to support Cooper whenever he got sick and even visited the doctor on his behalf when he needed it.

The parents of the celebrity spouse were firm believers in the Catholic church. They embraced the faith entirely. They also desired to have a catholic son-in-law. Therefore, Ellen convinced Cooper to switch to Catholicism to wed her. It was a blessing that Cooper accepted to change to Catholicism and then married his love-life partner Ellen. The couple is now content in their union and is an ardent Catholic.

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She Has Three Children

Archie (born in 2004), Heide (born in 2006), and Mary, a daughter, are Ellen and Cooper’s children (Born in 2002). Isidore Newman School quarterback Arch plays the position. While May, a freshman at the University of Virginia, played volleyball at the Academy of the Sacred Heart. Heid and Arch play center at Newman in the meanwhile.

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Ellen Heidingsfelder Parents and Siblings

Charles Heidingsdelder (the father) and Dota Heidingsfelder were the parents of Mrs Heidingsfeder (mother). However, we don’t know precisely where their birthplace is; it’s clear that she was born in the United States and is an American.

In addition, she is not the sole child of her parents. She has two sisters, Molly Silvia Heidingsfelder and Jane Heidingsfelder. The Heidingsfelder sisters are incredibly close and have a great bond. Beyond that, the public is not aware of much regarding Ellen’s relatives. The parent’s and her siblings’ career paths are still a mystery.

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Cooper Manning and Ellen have two sons, Heid and Arch Manning.

Ellen Heidingsfelder family

Regarding Heid Manning

A quarterback for American football, Heid Manning. He was born in the American state of Mississippi in Drew. He is the son of Ellen Heidingsfelder, an attorney, and Cooper Manning, a well-known American TV host. Archie Manning, his grandfather, inspired the name Arch.


Young quarterback Heid Manning plays on his New Orleans-area school’s football team. In 2021, he started his football training.


He has a brother named Arch Manning and a sister named May Manning. Eli Manning and Peyton Manning are his uncles.


In New Orleans, he attends Isidore Newman School.

About Arch Manning

Football quarterback who is an ancestor of the Manning football family. His brothers include Peyton Manning and Eli Manning. He signed with the Texas Longhorns for college in 2022. He’s six feet three inches tall and weighs 204 pounds.

Before Fame

He was a student at the Isidore Newman School in New Orleans, Louisiana.


He was the highest professional-style quarterback in the class of 2023 in the estimation of 247Sports. In his early years, his passing highlights attracted attention on Twitter.

Family Life

He is the son of Cooper Manning. He has a grandfather named Archie Manning.

Associated With

In July 2021, He was babysitting when taking a FaceTime call to University of Texas head coach Steve Sarkisian.

What is Arch Manning net worth?

According to On3’s NIL Valuation, Arch Manning’s net worth is $2.1 million. That is a huge number for a college player, and Texas recognized it when the Isidore Newman quarterback came to visit.

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Ellen Heidingsfelder’s Net Worth

Ellen Heidingsfelder Net worth

Ellen’s net worth is estimated to be $1 to 5 million in 2023. She has had a successful legal career. 

How much is Cooper Manning worth?

Ellen Heidingsfelder Husband cooper net worth

Cooper has a significant net worth of $13 million.

Archie Manning’s net worth (Father of Copper Manning)

Archie Manning’s net worth will be $10 million in 2022. Manning previously played for the New Orleans Saints, Houston Oilers, and Minnesota Vikings in the National Football League. He is also well-known for being the father of three children, Peyton, Copper, and Eli Manning.


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