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Olivia Pacino – Al Pacino’s Daughter – Age, Disability, Parents

Al Pacino & Beverly D’Angelo Daughter Olivia Pacino: Bio, Net worth, Girlfriend, Early Life, Social Media, and Facts  

Actors Al Pacino and Beverly D’Angelo are parents to their daughter Olivia Pacino. Alfred James Pacino, the father of Olivia, is one of the most esteemed actors. Al never married, although he has a daughter, Olivia, from his relationship with Beverly.

Olivia and Anton Pacino are al Pacino kids. They both are al Pacino twins. Olivia has been in a relationship for a long time but has yet to wed. Julie Marie Pacino is also one of Al Pacino daughters. 

This article will talk in-depth about Olivia Pacino’s life, so Read the whole article to get the most out of the info.

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Quick Facts About Olivia Pacino

NameOlivia Rose Pacino
Date of birthJanuary 21 2001
Olivia Pacino’s age23 years
Place of birthUnited States of America
Zodiac signAquarius
Height in feet5’6”
Height in centimetres170
Hair colourBrown
Eyes colourBlue
Weight56 KG
Relationship statusDating
BoyfriendRyan Harley
FatherAlfredo James Pacino (Al Pacino)
MotherBeverly D’Angelo
Twin brotherAnton James
Half-sisterJulie Marie
Alma materFusion Academy
Olivia Pacino net worth120 million (as her father)

Olivia Pacino’s biography 

Olivia Pacino Bio

Olivia was born to Alfredo James and Beverly D’Angelo on January 21, 2001. Anton is her brother from the same town. How old are the twins Al Pacino? In 2023, she and her brother will both be 22 years old. Their Zodiac sign is Aquarius. Where did Al Pacino’s daughter come from? Alfred James is an actor and director. He has two daughters, but their mothers are not the same. The 81-year-old has never been married, but she has had serious relationships in the past. With Jan Tarrant, he had his first child, Julie Marie. Then he started dating Beverly D’Angelo, with whom he had twins. Howard Dwight Smith, the architect who built the Ohio stadium, is the grandfather of D’Angelo. Olivia Pacino was very young when her parents broke up. Between 1996 and 2003, they were together. No one knows what made them break up, but it was a mess. Al Pacino said that D’Angelo was too controlling, and she said that he was holding the children as hostages.

Even though their breakup was messy, they could keep their kids out of the news. Anton and Olivia Pacino last saw each other a while ago. The twins live a quiet life and only show up in front of the cameras on essential days for their father. Anton has a quieter life than his sister and doesn’t use Instagram.

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Where was She born? 

Olivia Pacino

Al Pacino daughter Olivia Pacino was born in the U.S. She was born in the United States and has a mixed background. Her father’s family is from Italy, and her mother’s family is from England, Ireland, Scotland, and Germany.

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Olivia Pacino

Fusion Academy Miracle Mile in Los Angeles, California, is where Olivia Rose d Angelo went to school. People with trouble with the traditional curriculum can choose from more than 250 courses at the private college. 

Does Olivia have learning disabilities?

She had trouble in regular schools because she felt like she had to beat her twin brother. She had trouble learning because of this, but Olivia Pacino disability problems improved after starting to attend Fusion Academy.

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Body Measurements 

Olivia Pacino

Olivia Pacino is 170 cm tall, or 5 feet 6 inches. Olivia has a similar weight of 50 kg. She has brown hair that she frequently dyes, along with a pair of blue eyes. She also has a lovely face and a lovely demeanor. Olivia has never disclosed any further physical information in public.

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Olivia Pacino

Olivia Pacino is a dedicated photographer. As a result, she is following in her parent’s footsteps by pursuing a career in the performing arts. This character first appeared on the February 21, 2020, episode of the Amazon Prime Video series Hunters.

Additionally, she only recently made her YouTube debut, and her channel has rapidly amassed many subscribers. So, she introduces her debut video by talking about some of her favourite songs and playing some of them.

Father’s Career

Al Pacino daughter Olivia Pacino

Al Pacino is one of the most recognizable actors in history. With almost 60 film credits to his name, Pacino is best known for his roles in blockbusters like Scarface and The Godfather.

Similarly, the actor who won an Oscar once is a Hollywood legend thanks to their long, fruitful career.

This actor has received numerous accolades, including the National Medal of Arts, the Cecil B. DeMille Award, and the Lifetime Achievement Award from the American Film Institute.

Al Pacino is also one of a select group of artists to have won the prestigious “Triple Crown of Acting,” consisting of an Academy Award, two Primetime Emmy Awards, and two Tony Awards. 

Mother’s Career

Olivia Pacino mom Beverly D'Angelo

Additionally, her mom, Beverly, is an actress who has been in over 60 films and is perhaps most well-known for her role in the 2001 adaptation of the National Lampoon’s Vacation series. She was shortlisted for both a Golden Globe and an Emmy Award.

The personal life of Olivia rose Pacino

Olivia Pacino boyfriend

Ryan Harley is a musician and aspiring rapper who dates Olivia Pacino. She makes a lot of noise about her relationships and dating.

They appear to be captivated as they don’t miss an opportunity to express their love for one another on social media. They frequently post pictures of their beautiful moments.

In her Instagram IGTV video, Olivia Pacino detailed how they first connected on the dating site OkCupid

Olivia talked candidly about how she had to persuade her parents to believe Ryan in the video.

It took a few months for my family to trust him and become used to him.

Ryan handed his lovely fiancée a promise ring for their anniversary, exchanging a lifetime commitment. Olivia posted pictures of their adorable encounter to Instagram, and she was beaming while wearing her new ring.

Where is Olivia Pacino now?

Olivia Pacino bf Ryan Harley

Al Pacino’s daughter is presently a California resident. She is active on social media despite rarely being seen on TV. 

Social Media

Olivia’s Instagram account is very active. She has a good fan following on the @olivia.pacino. she recently share her childhood photos with her father and sad:

Happy birthday to my best friend, the person I forever look up to! I’m so lucky to have such an amazing dad. I love you so much 🫶🏼 84🎉

Net Worth 

Olivia Pacino net worth

Al Pacino children have a wealthy lifestyle. His father’s lengthy and successful career has provided Olivia with a net worth of $120 million.


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