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Eric Jude Crewe’s life details, Is he Ricky Nelson’s son?

Ricky Nelson Son: Eric Jude Crewe Bio, Net Worth, Early Life, Marriage, and Facts!

Eric Jude Crewe son of Ricky Nelson and Georgeann Crewe was born on February 14, 1981. The term Eric originates with Eirikr where “EP” refers to everlastingly, continuously, and rike is a reference to the ruler. Most likely, Jude is a short name for Judah that means “acclaim”.

Who is Eric Jude Crewe? 

Eric Jude Crewe

Eric Jude Crewe is a famous child born too late to famous singer Ricky Nelson. The couple dated for about five months. Confident kids who are stars thrive when they are in the spotlight, while Eric prefers to remain in the shadows.

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His Age?

When writing this article, He is 42 years old. He turned 43 on February 14, 2024. He has a mixed ethnicity and American nationality.

Eric Jude Crewe photo

Eric Jude Crewe photo currently is not available online. This could be because Eric is living a quiet lifestyle.

Personal Life

The son of the famous eric Jude Crewe could be a married man. However, we cannot confirm the details of his private life. Eric has lived a quiet life and can stay off the press. It is, therefore, difficult to know his romantic life as there isn’t any information about his private life.

His parents were engaged in a relationship but did not get married. They later became parents to an infant son. After Eric’s father split off with her mother and became engaged in a second relationship, his father married Kristen Nelson on August 5 on August 5, 1995. Their marriage was over in 1982, before the death of his father.

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Georgeann Crewe, Eric’ Mother

Georgeann Crewe is best known for her time as the ex-partner with Ricky Nelson and the mother of Eric Jude Crewe. The couple Ricky first was introduced in their first meeting at the Playboy Gorge Resort, New Jersey.

They were together from May 16 until September 1980. After the breakup, Georgeann Crewe gave birth to Eric on February 14, 1981. Ricky did not accept the child until he had evidence to prove it.

A DNA test was performed, and the results confirmed Ricky Nelson was indeed the father. He agreed to pay an amount of $400 for child support that was paid for a time until the time he stopped.

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Ricky Nelson (Father of Eric Jude Crewe)

Eric Jude Crewe father Ricky Nelson

The New Jersey native was born Eric Hilliard Nelson on May 8, 1940. His father was an actor, director, producer, and bandleader called Ozzie Nelson. His mom was a vocalist called Harriet Hilliard Nelson.

Ricky Nelson attended several high schools: Bancroft Junior High, Gardner Street Public School, and Hollywood High School.

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Eric Jude Crewe’s parents had a stiff relationship.

Eric Jude Crewe parents

The couple first met each other at a Playboy occasion in New Jersey. Following their first meeting, Crewe was immediately attracted to Rick, and they began to get together on May 16, 1980. Their relationship, however, was not long-lasting, and they broke up in September of that year.

But, following their short relationship, Crewe became pregnant. Even after their breakup, Crewe tried to reach Rick to inform her that she was pregnant with their child, but she was unsuccessful.

He and his mother were not accepted by Eric’s father, Rick. 

Ultimately, she ended up having a baby boy named Eric Jude Crewe in 1981 without being accompanied by Rick Nelson. Additionally, she gave her son his name rather than Rick’s because both were ostracized at the hands of Rick Nelson.

Rick did not have any idea or interest in Georgeann or his child. The DNA test showed that Eric was Rick’s biological son. However, Rick was not a fan of him or his mother. He also stopped attending Atlantic City shows because Crewe initially came from the Atlantics.

However, when they learned about his child’s welfare, the judge decided to require Rick to contribute $400 per month for child care. He initially agreed to give Crewe the money but did not pay a dime towards child support.

Unfortunately, Eric’s father, Rick, passed away in an airplane crash on December 31, 1985, in the age group of. Eric has managed to lead a very private life, and there is no record of the colleges and schools he went to.

What happened to Eric Jude Crewe’s father?

Eric’s father passed away at 45 years old. Aged. The father of Eric’s died in an airplane crash on December 31, 1985, as he was travelling across Guntersville, Alabama, to Dallas, Texas, for an event.

Ricky and seven other passengers were killed in the crash, and the two pilots were not injured. Funeral services were held in the Church of the Hills, Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills Cemetery, on January 6, 1986.

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What is the Net Worth of Eric? 

On the other hand, his father was an experienced American musician, singer, pioneer, and actor in addition to being a rock and roll superstar. His father passed away with an estimated net value of $ 500,000. However, his mother was an affluent American dancer and model.

Ricky initially disregarded Eric. He later agreed to pay $250 per month for child support. Tracy is his half-sister. She is a $7.6 million-dollar-rich American writer, actress, and dancer. Gunnar and Matthew are both musicians.

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Sam Nelson Son of Ricky Nelson

Sam Nelson is an American actor and performer who is a half-brother to Eric. He is the son of Ricky Nelson and Kristin Nelson, and Sam Nelson is the youngest of the Nelson children.

He was born on August 29, 1974, in Burbank, California, USA. When writing this article, Sam Nelson is 46 years old. Sam Nelson will be celebrating His 47th birthday on August 29, 2021.

He is a member of the band H is Orange, where He sings.

Is Eric Nelson related to Ricky Nelson?

Their kids’ love affair was a huge draw, and the two young men were married in the spring of 1963. Together they had four kids, Sam Hilliard Nelson, twins Matthew Gray Nelson and Gunnar Eric Nelson, and their daughter, actress Tracy Kristine Nelson.


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