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Meet Avielle Janelle Hernandez – Daughter of Shayanna Jenkins

Aaron Hernandez & Shayanna Jenkins daughter Avielle Janelle Hernandez Bio, Net worth, Early Life, Social media, and Facts

Avielle Janelle Hernandez is the daughter of deceased football player Aaron Josef Hernandez. She gained media attention due to her father’s prominence. Avielle Hernandez, like any other celebrity child, receives media attention and is consequently a recurring topic of conversation.

Let’s examine Aaron Hernandez daughter and some of her characteristics:

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Quick Facts About Avielle Janelle Hernandez

Full nameAvielle Janelle Hernandez
Date of birth6th November 2012
Age10 years old in 2023
Birth signScorpio
Place of birthNorth Attleborough, Massachusetts, USA
Current residenceRhode Island, USA
EthnicityMixed (Puerto Rico and Italian)
Hair ColourDark Brown
Eyes ColourDrak Brown
ParentsThe late Aaron Hernandez and Shayanna Jenkins
SiblingsHalf-sister Gisell Guilmette
Known forBeing the daughter of the NFL tight end Aaron Hernandez
Social MediaAvielle Janelle Instagram

Background and Education

avielle janelle hernandez

Avielle Janelle Hernandez was born on November 6, 2012, in Bristol, Connecticut, United States. Her parents are Shayanna Jenkins and Aaron Josef Hernandez. She has a descent from both Italy and Puerto Rico.

Aaron Hernandez daughter completed kindergarten and is currently enrolled in a Rhode Island dancing school. The name of the dancing school attended by Avielle Hernandez is Cheryl’s School of Dance.

How old is Avielle Hernandez?

Aaron Hernandez daughter avielle janelle hernandez

avielle Hernandez was born to Shayanna Jenkins and Aaron Hernandez on November 6, 2012. She is 10 years old as of 2023.

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Body Dimensions

Around three feet two inches tall, Approximately 25 kilograms in weight

Color of hair: dark brown, Eyes are a deep, rich brown.

Avielle Janelle Hernandez Sister

avielle janelle hernandez sister Giselle Guilmette

One of Avielle Janelle Hernandez’s family members is Giselle Guilmette, her younger half-sister.

Her Parents

Aaron Hernandez and Shayanna Jenkins

Aaron Hernandez and Shayanna Jenkins have a daughter named Avielle Janelle Hernandez. Even though her parents never married, they were engaged when they had Avielle, their only child.

Aaron played football for the Patriots and was a very talented and skilled player. In 2013, he was put in jail for killing Odin Lloyd. They were happy together, but things changed when Aaron was accused of murder.

He was convicted in 2015 of the murder of Odin Lloyd, a semi-pro NFL footballer. His contract with The New England Patriots was canceled ninety minutes after his arrest, and he was sentenced to life in jail with no prospect of parole. He committed suicide in 2017, and his body was discovered in his cell. His life had been sad, and his death came as a surprise. But his kid was too young to understand what was going on with her father at the time.

Avielle Janelle Hernandez’s birthday and her father’s birthday are on the same day. On Aaron’s 23rd birthday, his then-girlfriend gave him a precious gift by giving birth to their daughter. D.J. is his brother. Hernandez sent a tweet with a picture of Aaron holding his new baby girl to congratulate him.

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New England Patriots and Aaron Hernandez Reach Agreement on a Settlement

The New England Patriots did not provide his family with their $3.25 million deferred signing bonus or their $1.32 and $1.13 million in-year base pay. The $82,000 training bonus he had earned just before his arrest was also withheld.

After his untimely passing in 2017, the law responded in various ways. The player’s conviction was overturned that year because of reduction, a doctrine with roots in English common law. According to the judgment, if the defendant dies during the petition, the convictions should be overturned.

Some legal experts had predicted that Aaron Hernandez Jr. would sue the Patriots and the NFL for terminating his contract after he was accused, but that seems unlikely now. However, the success of such litigation has been called into serious question by a recent piece in the Beantown Globe.

Was any money given to Aaron Hernandez daughter?

avielle janelle hernandez mother Shayanna Jenkins

That question has no response! Avielle Janelle Hernandez was not compensated by the club founded by her late father. The Massachusetts Supreme Judiciary Court unanimously upheld her father’s murder conviction.

The Supreme Judicial Court ruled that the rule is outdated and contradicts modern life realities. The court then ruled that Aaron’s conviction be affirmed and that the legislation be repealed for future cases.

Avielle Janelle Hernandez has a new half-sister; Shayanna Jenkins is engaged to Dino Guilmette.

Shayanna Jenkins’s life progressed when she began dating Dino Guilmette. In addition, she gave birth to her first daughter, Dino, in 2018. Dino is the proprietor of a pub, but he also plays football with Aaron. At the University of Florida, the two were teammates.

People can have a fresh start despite having a negative finish in the past. Dino and Shayanna had an odd attraction from the beginning. Moreover, there were numerous controversies surrounding her pregnancy. There were incorrect allegations that Aaron was the biological father of her second kid. Additionally, there were some offensive comments regarding the issue on social media.

Shayanna, Guilmette’s new fiancée, has the full backing of his family. Additionally, Dino has a past. Even though he already has a child from a prior relationship, the pair is eager to start a family together. In May 2019, Jenkins announced via Instagram that she was expecting her second child. Eventually, she gave birth to Giselle Guilmette, Avielle’s half-sister.

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Where is Aaron Hernandez daughter now?

avielle janelle hernandez mother Shayanna Jenkins

Avielle Hernandez lives in Rhode Island, Bristol, USA, with her mother Jenkins, stepfather Dino, and half-sister Giselle Guilmette. When she’s not in elementary school, she goes to Cheryl’s School of Dance to

satisfy her desire to dance.

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Aaron Hernandez daughter net worth

avielle janelle hernandez net worth

If we talk about Avielle Janelle Hernandez net worth, Avielle and her mother, Shayanna Jenkins, have a combined net worth of about $2 million.


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