Let’s go to Dubai! How to save money during the tour?

Dubai is an amazing city. For most people, it is associated with luxury and wealth, with high prices. But to tell the truth, it can offer its guests both a fashionable and expensive high-class vacation, and a budgeted but no less exciting pastime. 

This applies to all areas that are affected by tourism. Take a sightseeing trip as an example. Dubai’s metro is a well-developed way to get around (which, by the way, runs automatically and does not require driver control). But not always, city transportation is the most convenient way to travel. 

Taxis can be another option. It’s fast and comfortable, but quite expensive. A good alternative to it is car rental. This is the most balanced option because you can travel at any time and to any place by rented car. Plus, you have the opportunity to choose a VIP car rent Dubai or a budget car for hire. The only thing you should do is contact a rental agency and choose an option that suits you. 

To buy cheap flights to Dubai, you should consider many factors, first of all, time. Plan your trip ahead of time and consider traveling in hot months.

Airfare prices will be significantly lower if you purchase them six months before the expected date of travel. If you book early, round-trip tickets will cost you the price of a one-way ticket when purchased in season. 

Follow the promotions of tour operators, because some of them offer discounts on air flights, including as part of profitable tour packages. This is especially true if you are traveling with a family or a large group. 

Emirates Airlines flies to Dubai from 150 countries. You can also use other carriers, including FlyDubai, a state-owned budget airline with a wide network of routes. By being flexible in your choice of air carrier, airport of departure, number of transfers, and duration of the flight, you can save a lot. 

The cheapest time to have a vacation in Dubai is the summer. If you take a ticket in the hottest months, like July and August, when the air and water temperatures reach their peaks, you can save a significant amount of money. People from Britain and Germany usually do just that. But such a vacation is very specific and not suitable for everyone. Probably most of the time you will have to be in an air-conditioned room, and swimming in the hot sea is also a peculiar pleasure. But everything besides that, service, shopping, and entertainment will be at the highest level, as is customary in the UAE. 

If you are going on an independent vacation, then for a start, you should choose an inexpensive but good hotel. You need to know that there are no inexpensive hotels in Dubai with a private beach or within walking distance to a public beach. But you can find a hotel located in the middle of the city that will take you to the beach for free. The main thing is that the hotel is not too far from the city center and all the interesting places. Otherwise, you will have to get there by public transport and spend time and money on the road, which is not very convenient on vacation.

Look for the most budget-friendly and comfortable accommodation options. A good one would be located in an area where tourists appear quite rarely. Thus, you will find a large number of establishments in the area where you can eat very cheaply.

Another important point to consider is that in Dubai, not only high-quality service but also housing! Even choosing a 2-3 star hotel, you will get excellent accommodation comparable to 4-5 star hotels in Europe.

The next area where you can save money is on excursions. You can see all the sights of the city on your own, the most economical way to move around the city is by public transport. There are no problems with it in Dubai, and the fare can be called symbolic. It is also good to rent a car.

And of course, you can save on cafes and restaurants. You can eat several times in a not-very pretentious place, but three meals a day in a cafe or restaurant will definitely hit your pocket. Some products that do not need to be cooked can generally be bought in supermarkets. Prices for some products in Dubai may be even lower than in your city.

Also, keep in mind that prices for the same souvenirs can be very different. It is more profitable to buy them in shops that are located some distance from the main concentration of tourists. 

In conclusion, despite the fact that the UAE and Dubai especially are rich and expensive places to visit, there are always some points to consider to save your money. If this city is your dream and you are looking forward to getting there, you should certainly read the tips and use at least some of them. You will make your dream come true and fit within the budget. 

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