Dinah Mattingly: Who is she? –  Age, Husband, Bio, Net-worth

Larry Bird’s wife Dinah Mattingly: Dinah Mattingly Bio, Early Life, children’s, Marriage, Net worth, and Facts!

Larry Bird’s wife is Dinah Mattingly. Bird used to play for and coach the Boston Celtics as a power forward. Mattingly’s husband, Dinah, played in the NBA for 13 years. During that time, he led his team to three championships and won three MVP awards.

The Bird was a star player, but his life off the court has always been hard for the media to write about or record. Bird’s life with his second wife, Dinah Mattingly, is also mostly hidden from the public eye. So far, Mattingly is best known as the wife of Larry Bird, who is in the NBA Hall of Fame. However, it turns out that she was responsible for a few of Bird’s most important moments, especially in his personal life.

Let’s find out some unique facts about Dinah Mattingly’s life, age, net worth, etc.

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Quick Facts about Dinah Mattingly

Full nameDinah Mattingly
Date of birth16 November 1954
Famous AsLarry Bird’s second wife
Age68 years old (as of 2023)
Zodiac signScorpio
Place of birthVigo County, Indiana, USA
Current residenceWest Baden Springs, Indiana, USA
Height in feet5’5″
Height in centimetres165
Weight in pounds137
Weight in kilograms62
Hair colourBrown
Eye colourBrown
Marital statusMarried
HusbandLarry Bird
CollegeIndiana State University
Net Worth$1 million
Larry Bird Net Worth$75 million
HobbiesDrinking and Travelling

Early life

Every year on November 16, Dinah Mattingly, born in 1954, celebrates her birthday. She, too, has an Indiana connection: she was born there. The wife of the celebrity in question is 68 years old presently. Like themselves, the celebrity’s wife is a Scorpio and a native of the United States. The famous woman’s spouse has been mum on the subject of her family tree. She has a brother named Doug Mattingly; aside from these details, her background and family are shrouded in mystery. Both she and her sibling were Indiana natives and had similar childhoods. As a kid, she was reserved and quiet but ended up being quite the character.


In terms of the famous husband’s wife’s formal education, we learn that Dinah Mattingly graduated from high school in Terre Haute, Indiana. Dinah Bird continued to complete her education at Indiana State University.

Body Measurements

Dinah Bird, Larry Bird’s wife, is said to be 5 feet 5 inches tall “He stands 1.67m tall and weighs 123 pounds (57 kg). Bird stands 6′ 9 “” or 2 m.

Dinah Mattingly Is the Daughter of an Ex-FBI Agent.

Dinah Mattingly

Dinah Mattingly, also known as Dinah Bird, was born in New York on November 16, 1954, and is reportedly the daughter of an FBI agent. However, some documents indicate that she is from West Baden, Indiana.

Although not much is known about her family, it has been stated that Mattingly has a brother named Doug Mattingly. Dinah, now 69 years old, attended high school in Terre Haute and then attended Indiana State University.

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While she was in college, Dinah Mattingly met Larry Bird. Larry and Dinah went to college in Terre Haute, Indiana, at Indiana State University. In the late 1980s, Larry Bird married Dinah after dating for a long time. After dating for some time, they finally tied the knot a few years later. On October 31, 1989, Dinah and Larry got married in Indiana, which is in the United States. Their wedding wasn’t a big deal, and only close family and friends were there. Dinah and Larry took in two kids, boys, and girls, as their own. 

Her husband had a previous wife 

When Larry Bird first started dating, it wasn’t Dinah Mattingly but Janet Condra. Former high school sweethearts Bird and Janet Condra tied the knot in 1975; however, their marriage did not last long and ended in divorce. Corrie Bird is Bird’s daughter, Condra.

Bird married Mattingly in 1989, long after his divorce from Condra. Although it has never been asked if she dated someone prior to Bird, sources claim that the two had been close friends since they met in college.

Is Larry Bird still alive?

Larry is, in fact, still among the living. At 66 years old, he is out there making the most of life. The death rumors surrounding Larry Bird are completely baseless and untrue.

Larry Bird’s wife has a daughter, two adoptive children, and a stepdaughter.

Dinah Mattingly

Contrary to widespread belief, Larry Bird spouse Dinah Mattingly does not have any biological children. Dinah and larry bird children include 2 adopted children named Mariah bird and Connor bird

Corrie Bird was the daughter of her husband from a previous marriage. Due to their strained relationship, she was unable to see him. She attempted to call him multiple times to invite him to her father’s retirement ceremony, but he never responded.

Despite difficulty with her stepdaughter, Larry Bird’s wife allegedly remained concerned for her well-being as a mother and stepmother to her two young children. She allegedly left two tickets for Corrie to attend her father’s game with her family.

Her daughter Mariah Bird was a native of Indianapolis and a basketball cheerleader.

She attended Indiana University in Bloomington and rose from event trainee to event manager at Pacers Sports and Entertainment.

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Connor Bird was arrested.

Dinah Mattingly son Connor Bird

Connor Bird was arrested at Indiana University in February 2013. Connor Bird was charged with killing his ex-girlfriend when he tried to hit her with his car. He was also accused of having marijuana, intimidating someone with a weapon, and causing criminal damage. But in the end, some charges against Connor were dropped, and he was set free. 

Net Worth of Dinah

Larry Bird’s wife Dinah has amassed a net worth of approximately $1 million due to her various business ventures. Her combined net worth with her husband, though, is more significant.

This makes him one of the NBA’s wealthiest players. The couple owns several homes and lives a lavish lifestyle.

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Social Media

Dinah tries to avoid it on a day when most celebs are on social media.

Because they are not on social media, it isn’t easy to ascertain their whereabouts and personal information.

Nonetheless, her husband Larry has an Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook account.


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