Viviana Volpicelli: How Did She Marry With Nelson Agholor?

Nelson Agholor Wife Viviana Volpicelli: Viviana Volpicelli Bio, Early Life, Marriage, Net worth, and Facts!

Viviana Volpicelli is a vivacious vixen who voraciously vamps her way through the virtual world of vlogging.

Her vocation as a voyeuristic videographer has been venerated with numerous videos and viral videos, garnering her over two million views on YouTube.

Viviana Volpicelli’s ventures into video production started in 2012 when she became an avid viewer of the popular web-based show “The Annoying Orange”.

She was so impressed by how entertaining it was that she decided to make her channel for people to enjoy.

Viviana’s vivacious displays and voraciously voyeuristic videos have amassed her a virtual following, with over two million subscribers to date.

Viviana Volpicelli is passionate about vlogging and has been sharing her vocation as a videographer since 2012. She started by watching the web-based show “The Annoying Orange” and was so impressed by its vivacity that she decided to start her channel.

Viviana Volpicelli’s vivacious vlogs have gathered over two million subscribers in the past five years, making her a voraciously vicious videographer who is venerated for her videos about fashion, beauty, and lifestyle!

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Viviana Volpicelli

Quick fact about  Viviana Volpicelli

Full Name: Viviana Volpicelli
Birth Date:9-May-1995
Birth Place: California
Nickname: Viviana
Religion: Christian 
Ethnicity: White
Age: 27 (in 2022)
Schooling:Palos Verdes High School
Education:Bachelor (University of Southern California)
Nationality: American
Height: 5′,1” (1.5 meter)
Profession: Modelling, Blogging
Father Name:Anton
Mother’s Name:Diane
Weight:50 kg (110.23 lbs)
Body Type: Curvaceous figure
Shoe Size:Not Available
Dress Size:Not Available
Favourite Food: Pizza 
Eye Color:Brown 
Hair Color:Blonde 
Marital Status:Unmarried
HobbiesTravelling, Dancing
Net Worth:$750K
Active Since: 2017-Present  
Social Media Presence:Instagram
Last Update:August 2022
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Early Life Viviana Volpicelli:

nelson agholor wife Viviana Volpicelli
Viviana Volpicelli Early Life

Viviana is a well-rounded individual with exceptional academic and personal achievements. The daughter of an attorney father, she attended Palos Verdes High School where her peers admitted her.

They were always shocked when Viviana Volpicelli managed to top their class on tests or in other ways which showed just how smart this young woman was.

It’s not surprising then why after graduating from high school at such a young age, Volpi decided to study Real Estate Development at the nearby University of Southern California!

After two years there studying under some brilliant professors including former Dean Adam Kkshualoor, he went on to obtain his Bachelor’s degree before continuing off into real-life successes as chairwoman for multiple organizations.

Viviana Volpicelli grew up with a comfortable lifestyle as her parents both had high-paying jobs. They were always present to offer guidance and support, allowing their only daughter the chance of following any dream she desired without restriction or regret later down the line when life got harder than expected!

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How did Viviana Volpicelli Start Her Remarkable Career:

Viviana Volpicelli: Nelson Agholor wife
Viviana Volpicelli Career

Viviana was born into wealth, having both parents who were doctors. She grew up in an affluent neighborhood with plenty of opportunities for fun and adventure as well as education that would prepare her to take on new challenges when she got older.

Although it took some work at first, Viv ended up doing just fine thanks to how supportive they were throughout the process all while being able to enjoy their high-paying jobs!

After experimenting with her product on herself and getting good results, she was able to convince people.

Viviana Volpicelli blog posts are meant for women who want a boost in confidence or know that their body is capable of more than what it gives them credit.

So, they can maximize the best out of themselves with tips like makeup tutorials, fitness routines (including dieting), as well lifestyle changes such as eating healthy foods & drinking water instead of going around town all day long!

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Body Measurement:

Viviana Volpicelli
Viviana Volpicelli Body Measurement

When it comes to the perfect female body, many people only think of Barbie. In reality, there are so many different shapes and sizes in this crazy world that you can find anything on demand just by scrolling through social media accounts or YouTube videos!

One such woman who makes headlines every day is Viviana Volpicelli from Miami Beach USA.

Standing at 5 feet 2 inches tall with an average weight for her height (51 kilograms) BMI calculation falls under the healthy/balanced range which she ensures herself through a fitness routine combined with a more balanced dieting habit as well.

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Salary and Net Worth:

Viviana Volpicelli
Viviana Volpicelli Net worth

What’s the deal with Viviana Volpicelli? This blonde model has amassed a sizable fortune through the promotion of well-known brands, blogging, and social media.

Her net worth is currently estimated at $750k as of 2021 but we can only guess what she may be worth today after following her on Instagram for so many years!

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Viviana Volpicelli net worth

Aside from this blogger keeping it real about herself by living life in luxury (i.e., expensive cars), houses etcetera; rumours are flying around online regarding whether or not they’re still together which affects how much money one would make if dating them – though none confirmations have come out yet…

Is Viviana Dating Nelson Agholor?

Viviana Volpicelli: Nelson Agholor wife
Viviana Volpicelli: Nelson Agholor wife

She’s dating a football player! Volpicelli, an Instagram model, and USC alumnus are now in love with Nelson Agholor who she met at the University of Southern California.

The two first crossed paths when he was on scholarship for the Trojans while playing wide receiver where they were both members.

However, it wasn’t until years later after graduating that their relationship blossomed into something deeper than anything either one could’ve imagined beforehand.

So, much more promising to consider how well-known this athlete has become not only nationally but internationally as well because let’s face facts: if you’re going out there representing your country then we better know what kind of person you are.

Recently, it was revealed that Eagles star receiver Nelson Agholor is dating model and TV host Chanel Viviana Volpicelli.

The two were spotted on multiple occasions together this past year with photos documenting their relationship going viral last week after appearing in an exclusive interview where they confirmed their romance for the first time!

Apart from being teammates with Super Bowl-winning quarterback Carson Wentz (and now wedding planner), there doesn’t seem to be any evidence of what kindles between these two which makes us believe something powerful has developed here: love at first sight.

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Who is Nelson Agholor? Volpicelli’s Boyfriend.

Viviana Volpicelli: Nelson Agholor wife
Viviana Volpicelli: Nelson Agholor wife

After a successful college career with the USC Trojans, Nelson Efamehule Agholor was drafted in the first round of the 2015 NFL Draft by the Philadelphia Eagles.

He has since played for the New England Patriots where he’s made an impact as one of their many offensive weapons against opposing defences who prioritize him heavily on every snap because they know what makes this receiver so dangerous.

Whenever there are only nine yards left between himself and victory (or defeat), expect both opponents’ attention to shift solely towards stopping Number 19 from scoring points–even if at all costs necessary!

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Net Worth of Viviana’s Boyfriend:

Nelson Agholor Net worth

Nelson Agholor is an attractive and successful football player who has been listed as the most popular Football player.

He also holds a net worth of $1.5 million according to our analysis, Wikipedia, Forbes Magazine as well Business Insider make me wonder whether this guy knows how rich he really could be if only his name was more famous than it already seems!

Social Media Presence:

Viviana Volpicelli


With 194k followers on Instagram, it is no surprise that Nelson Agholor’s girlfriend Viviana Volpicelli has been focusing her attention on blogging and modeling.

The 27-year-old Spanish model started as an IG influencer but later deactivated the account in 2017 after gaining popularity through social media sites like Facebook or Twitter.

Now, she would be doing focus on building up a following base for herself at home by leveraging various platforms including growing self-awareness amongst young adults about their appearance while also providing them with beauty tips she uses every day!

In Nutshell:

Viviana Volpicelli social media

Viviana Volpicelli is a beautiful example of what brains can do. She’s gorgeous with her hard work and intelligence, which are the perfect combination for any woman to have in their toolkit!

Her guidance has helped countless people achieve success through fitness or cosmetic procedures like plastic surgery.

She knows how to make things happen not only on your body but also inside yourself too via all that effort you put into studying business at school when we know most kids these days just want some cash so they don’t get called out by teachers every day over nothing again.


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