Who is Shawn Bradley’s wife, Carrie cannon Bradley where is she now?

NBA Ex-Player Shawn Bradley Wife Carrie Cannon Bradley Bio, Net worth, Early Life, Marriage, and Facts!

Shawn Bradley, a former NBA player Recently, spoke with Sports Illustrated about the bike accident that caused him to be paralyzed. He talked about how his life has changed over the past year and the incredible support he received from his children and his wife. Shawn Bradley and his wife, Carrie Cannon Bradley, have established a family with a mix of people, which has helped Bradley regain his life following the tragedy. The candid interview has also attracted attention to Cannon, prompting social media users to question what Shawn Bradley wife name is. In this Carrie Cannon wiki, we review her life story.

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Quick Facts About Carrie Cannon

Full NameCarrie Cannon
Birth DateOctober 28, 1976
Birth PlaceCalifornia, close to Lompoc
Age47 years old
Current ResidenceSt. George, Utah
Famous AsShawn Bradley wife
Famous for beingShawn Bradley‘s wife
EducationOrem High School Utah Valley University
Father’s NameN/A
Mother’s NameN/A
SiblingsCynthia Cannon Richards (Sister)
Height5 feet 3 inches (160 cm)
Weight49 kg (108 lbs)
Hair ColorBlonde
Eye ColorBlue
Favorite DestinationMiami, New York City, and Las Vegas
Marital StatusMarried to Shawn Bradley
KidsHailey (born on September 11, 2001), Dubbie (born on May 22, 2003), Max (born February 14, 2007)
Social mediaCarrie Cannon Instagaram
Net Worth$27 million as of her husband
Last Updated2023

A little about Carrie cannon Bradley

Carrie cannon Bradley

Carrie was born on October 28, 1976, which means she will be 47 in 2023. However, the exact date and other details regarding her birth have yet to be discovered.

In the same way, information on her birthplace is not available. However, we know that Cannon was born in California, close to Lompoc.

Carrie Cannon Bradley was educated at Orem High School, located in Orem, Utah.

She then attended and graduated from Utah Valley University, another public institution located in Orem, Utah.

Carrie Bradley worked at several places; however, the specifics of her work were not disclosed.

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The Career of Carrie Cannon

Carrie cannon Bradley career

As Carrie Cannon Bradley is married to an ex-player in basketball and not a basketball player’s wife, little information is available about her life. In truth, it is rare for people to search for Shawn Bradley, let alone his wife.

However, based on what people believe, she had a promising career before meeting Shawn. She has quit the job she was working for and is caring for her paralyzed husband and her children.

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Body Measurements of carrie cannon Bradley

The body of Carrie Bradley was kept in good shape. She stands 5 feet 3 inches tall and is reported to weigh 49 kilograms.

Is Carrie Cannon Married? Relationship

Shawn Bradley first wife, Annette Evertson Bradley, was the woman he married before he met Carrie. In 1993, before Shawn reached the big leagues, they were married. After 25 years together, they split and filed for divorce in 2018. There were six Shawn Bradley children with Annette, Two boys by the names of Chase and Chance and four daughters called Chelsea, Ciera, Charity, and Cheyenne.

We believe Shawn may be a bit in love with that”C” in the letter “C.” Shawn often claimed that Annette Evertson was a fantastic wife and that she supported him through the most challenging moments by helping Shawn when the public learned that they were getting divorced and it came as a huge surprise.

However, Carrie Cannon Bradley is lucky to have a child named Haylie and two boys known as Dubbie and Max. Shawn manages his five children along with Annette and Carrie’s children. “I’ve never been busier since I retired. Shawn said, “It’s insane. I have five teens living at home with a new family and home.”

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A brief bio of Shawn Bradley

Shawn Bradley young

The husband of Carrie cannon Bradley, Shawn Bradley is a legendary persona in the basketball world. Many of his former teammates (including Michael Jordan, who played him as a character in his 1996 movie Space Jam) hold it in high respect. However, in the 1993 NBA draft, the team selected him for players from the Philadelphia 76ers with the second overall selection. Chris Webbers was the first choice. In addition, with a height of 7’6 inches, Chris Webbers was a center in the forward position for the Brooklyn Nets, Dallas Mavericks, and the Philadelphia 76ers. This is an incredible coincidence!

In addition to his size as a basketball player, Shawn’s massive height earned him the title “The Stormin’ Mormon.” But he could not keep a steady shooting rate and didn’t have the best rebounding abilities throughout his basketball career. But, he was skilled at avoiding assaults. As a result, his team was sent to Brooklyn’s Brooklyn Nets in three years as an NBA professional.

The same fate struck his team when the team traded him with the Dallas Maverick, where he played the last seven years of his career as a professional before being forced to retire because of injury.

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Accident of Shawn Bradley 

Shawn Bradley accident

Shawn Bradley kids were welcomed to the world with Annette Evertson in their years as a married couple. After the dissolution of the marriage, he had a relationship with his previous wife, which resulted in divorce in the year 2017. He quickly got married to the model Carrie Cannon Bradley. The couple decided to take on three more children. Carrie, his wife, stood by him following the accident in 2021. He got hit by a car while riding his bike, which caused him to be in an auto accident. She explained to Sports Illustrated that the person that was the victim of the incident wasn’t the one who was at fault. The reason behind this can be explained by the domino effect it created. The situation has changed to the positive in our home as a family.

Why is Shawn Bradley so tall?

carrie cannon bradley husband Shawn bradley

Bradley’s height was found to be due to an extremely rare but natural combination of hundreds of genetic variations that determine height in humans as determined by an analysis of his genetic DNA in 2018.

Net worth of Carrie cannon Bradley

carrie cannon bradley net worth

The amount of Carrie Cannon wealth is not publicly available as of the date of writing this biographical piece. However, Shawn Bradley, her husband, is worth a net in the range of $27 million. Celebrity Net Worth took into consideration this information.

Social Media Links

Carrie Cannon Bradley rarely updates her social media profiles. However, unlike many younger people, she doesn’t seem to like spending time in the virtual worlds of her counterparts’ worlds. She also is active on different sites for social networks.

Shawn isn’t a fan of social media platforms. Therefore Shawn doesn’t post on social media (unlike Carrie Cannon).

He had some basketball players to care for as a child, and now he’s got a few kids to care for. As a result, he may haven’t been able to dive into the internet world completely.


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