Guide for International Students Looking to Study in the US

The USA boasts the world’s largest population of international students, with more than 1,000,000 students broadening their life experience and education in the US. Approximately 5% of all students pursuing higher-level education in the US are international students, and the numbers are still growing.

If you’re an international student looking to study in the US, make sure you take a look at this guide

Preparing for your stay

You’ll need all the necessities that you have at your home for your time in the US. Do you have all your travel essentials, student visa, and enough money to get set up? Do you have an affordable wireless plan that will allow you to call home regularly? Have you decided which international student insurance plan you’re going to purchase? Make sure you’re completely prepared before you get on a plane and leave for the US.

Adapting to a new way of life

It’s important to think about what your life will be like when you’re studying in the USA. Will you work while you’re studying abroad? Are you ready to face the challenges that come with sharing an apartment with another student and dividing household chores? Don’t forget that you can always opt to live alone so you won’t have to worry about other people’s stuff. There are plenty of different housing options available in the US. If you are about to attend college or a university in McKinney Texas, make sure to have a checklist on what amenities you want to have easy access to. These apartments for rent in McKinney have all the amenities you can think of that will make your stay easy and fun at the same time. 

Getting to know yourself is arguably the most important part of travelling to the US for your studies. Once you understand your goals and what you really want to achieve, you can easily identify the ideal place for you to study and grow in the USA.

College and university search

Make sure you find, research, and contact schools that you’re interested in. You should keep in mind a few factors while doing this search, such as geographical location, private vs. public, tuition range, and program of study.

For example, if you’re planning to pursue a degree in computer science, it’s better to limit your search to the best computer science colleges in USA.           

Getting into a US university or college

It’s not easy to become an international student in the US. The application process is incredibly complex and competitive, so you’ll have to work hard before classes even start. Additionally, it’s a long process and you’ll have to start preparing for the journey months in advance.

First, you’ll have to look at the admission requirements of the schools you’re interested in. American colleges or universities don’t always recognize international qualifications, so you may need to take an SAT exam or some other equivalent. You may also need to test your English-language abilities with a TOEFL test.

The application process varies from college to college, but some general application steps include:

  1. Fill out the school’s application form and submit all your supporting documents.
  2. Write your admissions essay, which is basically an extended letter of motivation. Make sure you highlight your accomplishments and argue why they should accept your application.
  3. Accept your offer of admission as soon as you can so that you apply for your I-20 form.
  4. In order to receive your I-20 form, you’ll have to pay the tuition fees and provide proof of finances that will cover your living expenses for at least a year.
  5. Once you get the I-20 form, you can apply for your student visa.

American schools usually accept applications at different dates throughout the fall semester, and most of them need your application by January at the latest.  

Bottom line

The United States of America is one of the best places to study abroad, especially in terms of higher-quality education. The versatility of the place makes it perfect for all international students, regardless of what their major is or what their interests are.

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