5 Beautiful Places To Visit In Pakistan, Number 3 Will Surprise You

5 Beautiful Places To Visit In Pakistan

Natural beauty is always being unappalled in the cosmos. Mountains, waterfalls, rivers, and marvelous sea have their own charm and attraction. 

As far as Pakistan is concerned, ALMIGHTY GOD has blessed this country from woodland to wilderness, rivers to the sea, and sky-touching mountains to amazing land. There are Beautiful Places to Visit In Pakistan, it’ll be an injustice not to mention the northern areas of KPK

Eye captivating sceneries, pleasant weather, and hospitable people attract thousands of folks towards it. Once you visit any place in Pakistan you’d love to sojourn that place again and again. Every city has its own grace, here I’ll mention the top 5 Beautiful Places To Visit In Pakistan with their cities and areas to visit.


Beautiful Places To Visit In Pakistan
Beautiful Places To Visit In Pakistan

 Swat is a really captivating area of Pakistan located in a province named Khyber Pakhtunkhwa often known as KPK at the height of 2500ft above sea level. 

Lakes, Mountains, and weather make this part worth seeing. Usually, people call this place the Switzerland of Pakistan. Every year the ratio of tourists is exceeding in this area. Mostly the people of Punjab and Sindh visit this place with interest.

If you ask the reason, then it’s nothing but it’s a natural beauty and generous habitants. This place is blessed with several breathtaking points.

Places to visit in swat:

  • Mohodand Lake
  • Kundalo Lake
  • Ushu Valley
  • Gabral Valley
  • Kalam
  • Madyen
  • Baharain
  • Malam Jabba
  • Mingora
  • Kapal

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Hunza Valley:

Beautiful Places To Visit In Pakistan
Beautiful Places To Visit In Pakistan

Hunza is the fascinating area of Gilgit, this area is also the mountainous valley of Pakistan at an altitude of 10800ft. This sector is regarded as a beautiful Places To Visit In Pakistan.

In winter, snow falling escalates its beauty to another level. People from other countries also love to visit this place. However, the hospitality and friendliness of people is also a major reason to visit this place number of times. Furthermore, if you make a list of the most Beautiful Places To Visit In Pakistan then it must be there on the top of the list.

Visit this place in summer especially in May and June, then you experience pleasant weather. The dry fruit market is also a unique past of this area. Here are some places to visit in Hunza.

Places to visit in Hunza valley:

  • Hunza Peak
  • Diran Peak
  • Ganish Village
  • Baltit Fort
  • Duiker Valley
  • Rakaposhi
  • Ultra Sar
  • Altit Fort


Beautiful Places To Visit In Pakistan
Beautiful Places To Visit In Pakistan

If we are talking about Skardu, then it is a place on earth that is not less than heaven. Once you go there, you’ll be immersed in the beauty of towering mountains and marvelous lakes. The cascades have their own eye-capturing scenes which attract the tourists like a magnet.

Staying there with peace will show you something incredible. Watching sunset and sunrise on the Indus river has unparalleled charm and beauty.

Several People also visit this place to come to know its “600 years old history“. Besides, there is also a street which is famous for buying gifts. You can buy special things in that area at cheap rates. Here are some places to visit in Skardu.

Places to visit in Skardu:

  • Bashu Valley
  • Katpana Cold Desert
  • Shangrila Resort
  • Shigar Valley
  • Satpara Lale
  • Kharpocho Fort
  • Upper Kachura Lake
  • Nansoq Organic Village

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Kalash Valley:

5 Beautiful Places To Visit In Pakistan
Beautiful Places To Visit In Pakistan

Hindu Kush mountain is basically in the area of Chitral and this valley is situated on that valley, surrounds by greenery and lakes. The special thing about this valley is the unique Kalash tribe.

Houses are built of stone and having a roof of steel sheets. The windows are of wood where you can enjoy the whole valley. When it rains there, it looks like sprinkles and folks offer special tea to others.

To visit this place in winter is captivating, snow-falling makes the tress and mountain more and more amazing. Special games like horse-riding and Polo are the grace of this area. There is some name of the places which must be visited when you are going to Kalash Valley.

Places to visit in Kalask Valley:

  • Bamburet
  • Tirish Mir
  • Shahi Masjid
  • Gram Chasma
  • Barmoghlasht
  • Ayun Valley
  • Shandur Polo Ground
  • Koghazi and Goleen

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Beautiful Places To Visit In Pakistan
Beautiful Places To Visit In Pakistan

Concordia is also a notable place especially known for hill climbing and staking. This place is situated in the north of Pakistan, near the China border. If you are Visiting China also.

This lovely place is considered in the top “5 highest places in Pakistan“. Unfortunately, most people are not aware of this paradise.

Standing on the peak of Concordia mountain shocks it’s a viewer with stunning moments. One can see the north of Pakistan completely from this brink. Photographers also enjoy going to this place and grab the incomparable opportunity to show their skills. Here are some places to visit in Concordia.

Places to visit in Concordia:

  • Nanga Parbat
  • K2 Tracking
  • Gasherbrum
  • Baltoro
  • Broad Pek
  • Askole
  • Godwin Austen Glaciers
  • Chogolisa

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Beautiful Places To Visit In Pakistan
Beautiful Places To Visit In Pakistan


In nutshell, it’s very difficult to mention the Beautiful Places To Visit In Pakistan in numbers. Having such diversity makes this country mesmerizing for tourists.

If I talk about myself, then I remember every single moment of breathing there. I highly recommend tourists to visit at least those places I mentioned. 


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