The Best Time to Visit the Florida Keys: A Travel Guide

Thinking of where paradise on Earth might? According to many travelers and even Bob Dylan himself, you might find it right on down in the Florida Keys. Tourists and sun-seekers have been heading down to our southernmost locale for nearly a hundred years, enjoying everything that the keys have to offer.

If you’re considering a trip down south yourself, you might wonder what the time best time to visit the Florida keys might be. When is the best time of year to schedule that all-important trip to Florida? 

There are several different factors that you’ll want to keep in mind. Read on and we’ll walk you through everything that you need to know.

The Florida Keys Weather Basics

If you’re planning a Florida vacation, there’s nowhere better to stay than the Florida Keys. These small islands off the coast of Miami are connected by one long highway, the last leg of the country-spanning US-1. 

Each of the keys has its own reputation, though you’ll find that Key West probably is among the most well-known of the various islands. It is the furthest key out and hosts the former homes of both Ernest Hemmingway and Tennessee Williams, as well as the winter white house of one former President Truman.

The good news about the Florida Keys and their proximity to the equator is that it’s almost always a good time to go. Temperatures never drop all too much that far south and a trip down that way might be enjoyable at any point in time.

When the best time to visit will be will really depend upon your own personal weather preferences. Do you like the heat and want an excuse to lounge about in the clear blue water all weekend? The warmer months will be better for you.

Looking for a temperate and relaxed climate in which to enjoy a drink and watch the clouds go by? You might choose a different month to go than the former individual that we mentioned.

Best Time To Visit the Florida Keys

Most people will tell you that the best time to visit the Florida Keys is during its peak season, which runs from November to February each year. Why is this such a peak season?

As you can imagine, the rest of the country is getting colder and drearier as the winter comes on. Those that can plan a vacation decide to get out of town and head down south to where the warm sunshine still reigns.

It can be that exact kind of break from the winter that you need to make it through another cold season. However, hotels and flights book up fast during this stretch of time so you’ll need to plan as much as you can.

You’ll also need to factor in your preference, or lack of it when it comes to crowds. The islands of the Keys are not so large, so the added influx of people is noticeable. 

If you’re looking for a quieter experience, it may be better to actually visit off-peak during the year, when the island will be a bit calmer and you’ll be able to explore more on-your-own.

Spring in the Florida Keys

For this reason, the truly best time to visit the Florida keys might actually be in the spring. You’ll miss the crowds, stress, and high prices associated with the winter peak season. 

You’ll still get to enjoy the warm temperatures and quality weather and you’ll avoid the stifling heat that sometimes overtakes the islands later in the winter. Booking a trip in April might be a sweet spot worth considering if you have the availability open.

April is also before the onslaught of hurricane season, which starts in Florida towards the end of the summer, in August. 

The average temperature in the keys in April is between 70 and 80 degrees, meaning you’ll be able to relax outside and feel fantastic. It might be a little cold if you’re looking to go for a swim, but otherwise, it can’t be beaten as a time to visit.

Rainy Season in the Florida Keys

Trying to ensure you won’t be rained out you head down on your trip to Florida? There are many reasons to try to skip the rain, as it can cancel most of your planned activities in the keys.

It’s hard to go swimming, eat outdoors, or participate in some memory-making Ultimate Helitours when it starts raining cats and dogs from outside.

The rainy season usually starts in Key West sometime in late May. It will last through the summer and taper off sometime around October. Hurricane season begins around August, as we mentioned, and indeed the wettest months are typically between then and October.

May and July tend to be slightly less rainy in comparison. 

It rains much less during the winter months, with a fair row late of precipitation all the way from November through April. Due to all this rain and trouble, it is more affordable to visit the Florida Keys during the rainy season.

However, you’ll need to decide for yourself if the risk of storms is worth the bargain pricing.

Determining When To Visit the Florida Keys

If you’re thinking of a sunny vacation down south, you may be attempting to determine when the best time to visit the Florida Keys might be. The climate in the keys is nearly always enjoyable, meaning you’ll need to use your own preferences to determine when the best time to visit might be.

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