Cape Cod Scenic Tours

Cape Cod is a picturesque destination with natural land formations. It is an ideal habitat for seals and other water creatures. There is always something engaging 

Cape Cod National Seashore Hotels    

  • Wequassett Resort & Golf Club Harwich- not open during winter, no pets allowed, has a golf course, swimming pools, and exercise room. 
  • Chatham Bars Inn- has a room for exercise, full spa service, free transport to local sights, and excellent. 
  • Chatham Inn- offers free parking space, Wi-Fi, and a hot breakfast. There is no swimming pool nor pets allowed.
  • Corsair & Cross Rip Oceanfront Resorts Dennis Port- this resort has free Wi-Fi, parking space, an indoor and outdoor pool.
  • Green Harbor Resort West Yarmouth- has a summer outdoor swimming pool, free Wi-Fi, and parking space. 

Where to See Seals on Cape Cod    

Watching the seals in their natural habitat is magical, and the cape cod waters are filled with them! You can either observe them from a distance or from a boat. The following spots are just the perfect places to watch a large number of seals. 

  • Chatham Fish Pier- while enjoying a tasty plate of seafood, you can note the seals on shore. 
  • Chatham Lighthouse Beach- it’s a great view for tourists to watch the seals and perceive the smell of the sea. 
  • Monomoy Island- If you want to see seals in their natural habitat, this perfect spot does that. 
  •  Coast Guard Beach, Eastham- the seals come in their numbers during the fall. 
  • Nauset Beach, Orleans- this beach is food for swims and walks. In falls, seals are observed. 
  • Ballston Beach from Tururo- In the fall, the seals give quite a show on the pretty beach. 

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What To Do in Cape Cod When It Rains    

It hardly rains in Cape Cod, but when it does, you can engage in:

  • Watching the storm- When the storm seems intriguing, you can sit at your window and observe the storm from your comfort. 
  • Reading a book beside the fireplace- Such chilly weather requires a good fireplace to keep warm and read a book. 
  • Go wine tasting- The wine made in the East is renowned and classy. They have six other products. 
  • Watching whales- It’s possible to see whales when it rains. 
  • Taking pictures- There are various photo-ops options for the rain. 
  • Visiting the Sandwich Glass Museum- Discover the story behind the glass making site.
  • Taking a bowl of Clam Chowder: This steamy hot bowl keeps you warm to enjoy the weather. 
  • Going to the Gym: All you have to do is choose your preferred gym location and sweat out the cold. 
  • Walking on the beach: The beach is not for sunny days alone. Have a different experience strolling at the beachside one rainy day. 
  • Watching a movie at the Cinema: On rainy days, theatres are packed because everyone wants to watch the screen and have popcorn. 

Indoor Activities in Cape Cod   

  • Cape Cod Beer- is the only brewery company that distributes beer so, enjoy a bottle berterm
  • Cape Cod Melody Tent- enjoy a variety of live performances in one of the oldest tents in the country. 
  • Sightseeing at the Museum of Natural History and visiting the John F. Kennedy Museum, whose house is open for all to see the pictures and videos of the past American President and his family’s life when they resided in Cape.
  • Visit Zooquarium or Woods Hole Science Aquarium: to watch water creatures. 
  • Bowling is another activity that keeps you active. Bowling Centers include Buzzards Bay, Falmouth, Hyannis, and Orleans.
  • The Library is also another place you could visit for leisure; Cape and Sturgis Library
  • Other places include Art Galleries, Potato Chip Factory, 

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