Beyond Big Ben: 5 Things to Do in London That You’ll Love

There’s no question Big Ben clock tower in London is one of the most iconic landmarks in the world. Yet, there are so many more things to do in London. Before the pandemic, an average of 39 million people visited London each year, and 63% came for a vacation.

Travel is on many people’s minds again. So put on your top hat and coat and keep reading for five favorite London attractions to guarantee a grand vacation.

Let’s Start Walking

What’s great is how easy it is to see the best areas in London on foot. The city is famous for its walking tours. And one tour, in particular, is the first on our list.

1. Jack the Ripper Tour

Tourists have delighted in this unique perspective of London for decades. Tag along as your guide takes you through the famous haunts where Jack the Ripper struck terror in the town.

If this gruesome story isn’t your thing, there are other guided walks like the pub crawls and food tours.

2. Pull Up a Park Bench

The hilltop view from Hamstead Heath is one of the best London attractions of all. The luxurious park grounds invite you to stroll or even sit and gaze at the city below.

While you’re there, Kenwood House is among the unique London attractions. Tour the rooms of this mansion for free and marvel at the fine artwork on its walls.

3. Speaking of Free

For indoor amazement, most of London’s museums offer a wealth of history. Better yet, museums like The National Gallery, Tate Modern, and the British Museum are free.

Some of the finest art and artifacts in the world adorn the rooms of these fabulous museums. Seeing them all may present your biggest challenge.

3. Go Window Shopping

Aside from Herrod’s, the best shops in London offer everything your heart desires. Check out the famous Hamley’s Toy Shop or the best treats on Regent Street. The architecture alone is worth the visit.

If your tastes are less posh, Camden Street Market is among the London attractions for a good time.

4. Ticket to Ride

Hop on the London Underground and travel like the locals. And what would a trip through London attractions be without a visit to Abbey Road? See where The Beatles created their iconic album cover and the place they recorded.

While you have music on your mind, enjoy a night out in one of Soho’s favorite clubs. Musicians are serenading again, so make a night of it.

5. Tried and True London Attractions

The Tower of London and Westminster Abbey has long been among the favorite London attractions. In addition, the London Eye Ferris Wheel is still a popular way to see the city from above.

Consider visiting the Winston Churchill war rooms for a great look into the last century. But, be sure to plan and book hotels online. There’s too much else to do in London than worry about lodging.

So Many Things to Do in London

When you begin to set out a route touring the city, you will find enough time is your only obstacle. So, the best action is to map out your stay before arriving. You may not get to all the things to do in London, but you will enjoy it most if you plan.

Of course, spending time at some of the best London attractions will cause you to plan for the next visit. Then, you can catch up on what you missed.

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