Top Rated Attractions and Places in UAE

The United Arab Emirates is not only one of the most popular commercial and business hubs, but it is also a popular tourist destination.  

Where it has breathtakingly magnificent natural landscape, it also has the best restaurants, hotels, and shopping centers—all of which seamlessly blend tradition and modernity.

Moreover, it is incredibly straightforward to go to; its national airports welcome millions of visitors every day, and visas for more than 30 countries are available at the airport. 

There are countless sites to see in the UAE for anyone who is considering going there. Here are our top recommended tourism destinations in the United Arab Emirates. 


1) Go on A Beach Vacation

Many tourists’ vacations in the UAE center around the beach. 

The beaches in Dubai and Abu Dhabi are the more apparent choices, and both cities offer easy access to shopping,amusement parks and city tourism. 

For vacations in Dubai’s sun and sand, luxury resorts are mainly located across the shore west of the central city. There are many family-friendly, five-star resorts on the beaches close to Jumeirah and Dubai Marina in particular, making them ideal for beach holidays.

2) Candy for Eyes: Lush & Green Al Ain

The Garden City of the Gulf is another name for Al Ain, one of the greenest cities in the United Arab Emirates. This city has modest homes, huge mountains, and a green region that contrast sharply with the metropolis. Here are other wonderful locations: Jebel Hafeet, Al Ain Zoo, and Al Ain Oasis. 

3) Feat for the Soul: Sheikh Zayed Mosque

One of the top attractions in Abu Dhabi is this mosque. The largest place of worship in the United Arab Emirates is the Sheikh Zayed Mosque, which occupies 30 acres. It took about ten years to consruct the grand mosque.  

It is a critical place of love where traditional design coincides with flawless insides made of marble, mosaic, gold, and glass. Any trip to Abu Dhabi must include a stop here.  

With lavish interiors embellished with gold, mosaic tiles, glass work, and a ton of marble, as well as an exterior built of starkly white stone that sticks out beautifully against the emirate’s deep blue sky, it never fails to astound. 

4) Visit The Largest Indoor Park: Ferrari World

The world’s largest indoor theme park is on Yas Island in Abu Dhabi. It is the first Ferrari-themed park in the world and uses interactive rides to tell the Ferrari story.  

The Ferrari World’s main draw is its enormous, famous red roof, which was created by the Benoy Group, an award-winning architectural studio. The largest Ferrari logo in the world is contained within a massive structure that measures 65m by 48.5m. 

5) Zoom Up from Burj Khalifa

The favorite of all tourists—Burj Khalifa—Dubai’s most popular structure and skyscraper. 

The majority of tour itineraries for tourists include a trip up to the observation deck, which provides panoramic views of the entire city of Dubai, to both admire this modern engineering and architectural feat and to take in the stunning vistas of Dubai spread out below you. 

6) A Sight to Remember: Palm Islands

The three islands that make up the Palm Islands, one of the most well-known man-made archipelagos in the world, are the Palm Jumeirah, the Palm Jebel Ali, and the still-unfinished Deira Island.  

These islands are notable and popular because of their insightful engineering, stunning offices, exciting amusement scenes, and other vacation spots. 

7) Get to know Dubai Creek

Bur Dubai and Deira are the two main areas of the city that are separated by the 14 km-long Dubai Creek. In the 20th century, the creek served as the primary port for the import and export of goods from Africa and India. At that time, the city also developed into a destination for the pearling business. 

Nowadays, boating around Dubai Creek is one of the city’s most famous tourist attractions. Tourists can hire traditional boats called “bra” for a reasonable price. The cruise gives views of a stunning sunset and the line of iconic structures including the Deira Twin Tower and Dubai Creek Tower

8) A refreshing Time at Zabeel Park

Zabeel Park—one of the ideal tourist spots that Dubai has to offer. It is accessible to individuals who are unsure of the roads or directions because it is lush green and close to the city core.  

It is situated close to the Jafiliya Metro Station. Come on a hot weekend and swim around in the waves to cool down. 

9) Ultimate Shopping Experience at The Dubai Mall

As per a total area of 13 million sq.ft. and 5.9 million sq.ft. of internal floor area, Dubai Mall is the biggest mall in the world. It is located in Burj Dubai’s downtown. The 2008-opened shopping center saw 65 million visitors in 2012, making it the most popular mall worldwide. 

Wrap Up 

The UAE is a great place to take a family vacation or even just a weekend trip because it is full with natural ecosystems, historical sites, recreational places, and souks where you can buy.

So put on your holiday shoes, board the tour bus, and be sure to see these must-see places. Dubai will win you over!

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