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10 Apps Like Snapchat Fun and Unique Instant Messaging and Face Filter Apps


Snapchat, with its pioneering concept of self-destructing content, changed the landscape of social media back in 2012. While Snapchat remains popular, selfie apps like Snapchat and many other apps have emerged, offering a wide range of features, including ephemeral messaging and creative face filters. In this article, we will explore ten apps similar to Snapchat, each with its unique offerings, from traditional messaging to entertaining face filters. download apps like SnapChat. 

1. Instagram: The Swiss Army Knife of Social Media

What Sets It Apart: Instagram, known for photo and video sharing, offers built-in face filters for adding fun and creativity to your content.

You can easily use fun face filters on Instagram with just a few taps. Share these filtered photos as stories or send them directly to friends. It’s a quick and popular way to enjoy face filters with your buddies, making it a top choice.

Who is it for? Instagram’s vast user base ensures quick access to face filters, making it ideal for those who are already using the app.

Apps Like Snapchat

2. Messenger, Facebook’s Apps like SnapChat Rival

What Sets It Apart: Facebook has been keeping a close watch on Snapchat from the beginning, recognizing its unique appeal in user engagement. When Snapchat started gaining popularity, Facebook, feeling a bit stagnant, attempted to purchase it. However, Snapchat declined the offer, prompting Facebook to integrate Snapchat-like features into its platforms, including Instagram and Facebook Messenger.

These additions, such as 3D masks, face filters, and special effects, became major draws for Messenger users and continued to improve over time. In 2017, they introduced the “My Day” feature, later renamed Facebook Stories, mirroring Snapchat’s ephemeral content-sharing concept.

Who is it for? Users who prefer a seamless integration of messaging and Snapchat-like features

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3. TikTok: The Video Sharing Sensation

What Sets It Apart: TikTok apps like SnapChat have become an internet sensation, with their phenomenal growth leaving no room for surprise. In a digital age where video consumption is king, TikTok has capitalized on this trend, emerging as the ultimate platform for sharing and enjoying short-form videos.

While TikTok might seem synonymous with the latest dance crazes, it caters to a diverse user base. Ordinary individuals enjoy sharing random moments from their daily lives on this engaging platform. While it may not directly replace Snapchat, TikTok offers an equally enjoyable and fun-filled experience for users of all backgrounds.

Who is it for? Anyone seeking a platform for sharing entertaining short videos

Apps Like Snapchat

4. Sweet Snap: Your Go-To Face Filter App

What Sets It Apart: Sweet Snap apps like SnapChat focus on face filters, offering a vast selection of filters, stickers, and beauty effects. Sweet Snap simplifies the process of taking selfies and enhancing them with a plethora of unique filters, stickers, and beauty effects. Prepare to get lost in its vast selection of special effects and filters; you might even find yourself creating GIFs for added fun!

Who is it for? Those who want to enhance their selfies with captivating face filters

5. B612: Turning Photos into Art

What Sets It Apart: B612 is a must-try for beauty effects and filters. With over 1,500 unique stickers and facial recognition technology, it can turn your face into cute animals or fun shapes. Plus, its real-time beauty effects make you look flawless. Perfect for photo enthusiasts!

Who is it for? Users who enjoy adding beauty effects and stickers to their photos

6. Bigo Live: The Live Streaming Phenomenon

What Sets It Apart: If you’ve tried numerous social media apps but found them lacking, Bigo Live might be the exception you’ve been looking for. It’s a rising star in the circle of live-streaming, perfect for sharing your talents and daily life with the world. Watch out for this application—it’s the next big thing!

Who is it for? Live streamers, content creators, and gamers looking to connect with a global audience

Apps Like Snapchat

7. Wickr Me: Privacy Meets Snapchat-like Features

What Sets It Apart: Wickr Me prioritizes privacy, allowing users to send encrypted messages and media while emphasizing security. What sets Wickr Me apart is its commitment to privacy. You don’t need to provide your phone number or email to sign up, ensuring anonymity.

While Wickr Me may lack Snapchat’s extensive filters, its focus on privacy makes it a solid alternative for those valuing confidentiality in messaging.

Who is it for? Privacy-conscious users seek Snapchat-like features with enhanced security.

Apps Like Snapchat

8. Marco Polo: Fun Video Messaging

What Sets It Apart: Marco Polo combines video messaging with social elements, offering an engaging communication experience. Marco Polo is a hidden gem among messaging apps.

Who is it for? Users who prefer video messaging with a social twist

9. SNOW: AR Makeup and Effects

What Sets It Apart: SNOW apps like SnapChat specialize in AR makeup and effects, offering thousands of stickers and creative tools. 

The Snow Camera app is perfect for makeup enthusiasts. With 200 million users worldwide, it’s easy to see why. It offers AR beauty effects and thousands of stickers to enhance your photos. Plus, it has creative tools for making engaging images and editing videos. Give it a try!

Who is it for? Fans of AR-driven beauty and makeup effects

10. YouCam Perfect: Apps Like Snapchat Elevate Your Selfies

What Sets It Apart: YouCam Perfect is a photo editing app with a focus on enhancing selfies, providing various filters, and beautifying tools. Looking to enhance your selfies? YouCam Perfect is the answer. With 300 million users and counting, this app offers tools to make your photos share-worthy. From filters and stickers to easy-to-use effects and face touch-ups, it’s simple yet effective. Explore and elevate your images, and consider upgrading to YouCam Perfect Premium for more options. Start snapping!

Who is it for? Those looking to edit and improve their selfies before sharing them on social media

Apps Like Snapchat


While Snapchat remains a popular choice for ephemeral content and messaging, these ten alternatives offer unique features and experiences. Whether you want to explore creative face filters, prioritize privacy, or simply enhance your content, these apps cater to a variety of preferences. Try out a few and discover the one that suits your style and needs the best in the ever-evolving world of social media.

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