CapCut Creative Suite: The Ultimate Guide For Beginner Editors

Are you a beginner and searching for a way to master image or video editing? Does the existence of a plethora of online tools confuse you? Or do you want to learn/practice advanced or AI-based editing without putting it inside a single penny? Don’t worry, no need to deal with more searches. 

Your solution is CapCut Creative Suite, a best-in-class Add Subtitles to Video /video editor. It works on the latest AI technology to take the workload off from your side.  Whether you are a pro or a novice, the CapCut creative suite will assist you in achieving your editing goals. You can get free access to this collection of tools by just utilizing the internet. CapCut Creative Suite has completely changed the way you edit.

Sounds curious? Stick to this ultimate guide to know every single fact on the CapCut creative suite. 

CapCut Creative Suite – Top Features

Several features contribute to the real worth of the CapCut creative suite. This section will throw light on the top features such as:

Photos Making

CapCut Creative Suite includes a free online image editor for you within the collection of tools. The image editor allows you to edit your images the way you like. You can also create an image from scratch. There are some Apps that this editor offers that work on AI technology to speed up the editing process. These Apps allow you to generate images with the help of text. You can also add frames to put pictures within images. There are a plethora of options to edit your photos. You can make a collage, insert stickers, shapes, text, etc. You can do all this type of editing completely for free.

Professional Video Clip

The online video editor is also a crucial part of the CapCut toolkit. This online video editor is not an ordinary editor. But this editor allows you to edit the video using a plethora of functions and tools. Among the functions, the notable ones include the usage of stickers, filters, and effects to change the appearance and ambiance. The option exists to add captions or transcribe your videos without inserting much effort. In contrast, you can use the Free Cloud Storage tool for speech or addressing purposes. There are many pre-existed templates to choose from. Apart from this, you can edit both long-form and short-form videos or convert video to text.

Watermark Free

Some premium tools in the market do not allow you to download the edited image or video without a watermark. This is a wise tactic that various online editors employ. They do so to charge you the extra money. You can avoid this by using the CapCut creative suite. The main reason behind this is that the CapCut creative suite is free and offers no watermark. You will own the copyrights of the design. 

Free Templates

When it comes to the creation of the design, start from scratch, and then it takes up a lot of time and effort. There are times when you are dealing with projects that demand tight deadlines. To cope with these projects, you can make use of free templates. This will help you save many hours. You can get templates in any genre and niche. There are also readily available templates for social media. Whether you are making a commercial design or a personal one, you will surely find one template for your needs.

AI Embedded Technology

The image as well as online video editor within the CapCut creative suite works on AI (Artificial Intelligence). Some of the tools, like background removal, have trained on the vast amount of data to work accurately and precisely. It can intelligently detect the objects and elements in your images and remove the background. There is no need to deal with the hours of manual effort to remove the image background. This is true for Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.

No Storage Needed

When using the CapCut creative suite, you don’t need to arrange the external storage to keep your files safe. The CapCut creative suite supports the files saved online. You can save unlimited files online. No one is going to steal your design or editing. This will help you enjoy complete peace of mind. The great thing about this is that you don’t need to spend to acquire the specific storage as per your requirement. CapCut Creative Suite offers the strategy completely free.

From Beginning To End – The Step By Step CapCut Creative Suite Usage

A few steps collectively make up the usage of the CapCut creative suite. Here is how, from beginning to end, you can utilize the CapCut creative suite:

CapCut Creative suite

Sign Up

The first step when it comes to the usage of the CapCut creative suite is the signup. To do so, first, you need to get to the CapCut creative suite site. For this, you can search for the name of Google. After that, go to the main site. You will experience the main menu bar on the top. This menu bar contains different options. The option that you need to access is Tools. Later, go to the category titled Editor. Click on the first option to refer to the Online Creative Suite. After that, you need to sign up. CapCut offers different options to do so. You can use a TikTok account or Google or Facebook account to facilitate account creation or signup.

Uploading the File

The second step features the uploading of the file. You can upload the file by two means. One is by clicking the upload and dragging the file to drop it into the upload area. This is simple and quick, as it requires minimal effort from your side. Another method to upload the file is going to the storage location of the file by clicking the upload tab. This option allows you to access any location of the system and facilitate file selection.


This step involves the editing process. No matter if you have a video or image file. You can deal with the editing with a lot of options that the CapCut creative suite offers. The main options include color, filters, effects, captions, text, stickers, transcription, transitions, etc. You can do whatever you want with your image or video file.


The last step in the series involves downloading the image or video file. To do so, you need to go to the Export tab on the top right end. By clicking on it, you need to set the quality, size, format, etc. After that, click on the download button present at the bottom of the Export window. This will begin the download of the file.

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