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Best Tools to Manage Your Social Media Performance

Social media helps companies reach out to people. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are popular social media networks that allow companies to increase user engagement with the help of many useful tools and features. However, not everyone is successful in marketing effectively on social media. This is due to a lack of awareness and understanding of analytics and performance tools. Just like TV channels use analytics tools to see how well they are performing on Charter Spectrum cable and other connections, it is important for companies to analyze their performance too. 

You can increase the effectiveness of social media marketing by using social media analytics tools. They will help you understand the areas in which your marketing strategy is lacking. Follow the best practices and recommendations from these tools to improve your digital blueprint and get more customers, make more sales, and become a thought leader in your target industry. Following are some of the best tools to track your social media performance.  

Google Analytics 

Google Analytics is one of the best tools that you can use to track your website traffic. You can also use this tool to check your social media progress. It can help you look at the referral platforms that your visitors are using to come to your website. You can also use the tool to see the type of content that users are sharing on social media with share buttons. With the Google Analytics report not only can you monitor search traffic, but you can also evaluate the social outreach. The tool will provide user data and help you reach your goals. is another powerful tool for social media users. It can help you schedule content and publish it at a later time. It also allows users to create dynamic social media strategies for the long term. One of the best features of the tool is that it can conduct competitor analysis as well. Therefore, you can see what they are doing differently to enjoy success on social media platforms. Furthermore, the tool can export reports of social media accounts in PowerPoint or Excel. Here, you can have a look at metrics such as the number of followers, outreach, and engagement. All of these tools and features can help you develop a stronger social media marketing strategy.  


Quintly will allow you to track your social media channels on a single dashboard. The user interface of the platform is quite easy to understand and it is an excellent analytics tool. It provides detailed reports so that you can have a look at all the different metrics of your social media marketing activities. You can integrate your social media with business intelligence systems as well on Quintly. You can also analyze your outreach, number of followers, and likes on different social media accounts with this tool.  

Sprout Social 

Sprout social excels in tracking social media posts. The platform will tell you why a post is doing well or not. Sprout Social can help you increase your social outreach significantly with its real-time monitoring and analytical tools. The tool also provides firsthand knowledge regarding the latest trends in social media platforms. It is also helpful in finding the keywords, hashtags, and leading social influencers on Instagram and Twitter.  


Socialinsider is another analytics tool that can help you see the performance and statistics of your marketing activities on social media. Not only that, but it can also help you in critically analyzing the competitor strategy. The social media reports will allow you to handle multiple social media accounts on a single platform and tweak the strategies for each. You can have a look at the impressions, user engagement, demographics, and much more with Socialinsider too. 

These are some of the best tools to analyze social media performance. Needless to say, people use social media platforms extensively and many companies are using tools such as Facebook Business Manager to reach out to their potential clients. Therefore, it only makes sense to invest in a good social media analytics tool to improve the strategies to reach out to one’s clients. With a detailed analysis of marketing efforts on social platforms, you can improve your existing marketing strategy and get more clients. 

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