All of the Equipment You’ll Need to Go Ghost Hunting

Are you thinking about going on your ghost-hunting adventure? Here’s all of the equipment you’ll need for your hunt.

Did you know that the United Kingdom is the most haunted landmass on the planet by almost every metric? Fans of the paranormal report more spooky phenomena in England and Scotland than anywhere else on earth. If you’ve yet to spot a specter in your hometown, it may be time to go ghost hunting and check spook spotting off your bucket list!

Before heading to the nearest haunted house, you’ll need to pack a bag. Do you know what ghost-hunting gear you need to ensure you don’t miss a single ghoul?

We’ve created this guide to help you discover the essential ghost-hunting technology on the market, so you’re sure to spot every restless spirit in the vicinity! Read on to learn what you really need to find ghosts when you stumble across your next cold spot.

Essential Ghost Hunting Gear

You can find a lot of the best ghost-hunting gear right in your junk drawer. Be sure to pack a flashlight, pen, notebook, and smartphone for any haunted excursion. Since smartphone cameras don’t always pick up on spooky phenomena, you might want to bring an additional camera to capture orbs, ghosts, and mists.

Specialized gear will enhance your experience, however.

Digital Audio Recorder

A popular component of any ghost hunt is capturing EVP or electronic voice phenomena. These are ghostly voices that the human ear alone cannot detect. You’ll need to record your ghost-hunting adventure and then listen back to the recording to see if you’ve captured any messages from the beyond.

It’s also a great tool if you plan to communicate with a spirit. Press “record,” then begin asking questions, leaving a silence between each so any ghosts present an answer. Do research before asking questions, as your spirit might respond better to phrases and vernacular from their time.

EMF Reader

Some ghost hunters believe ghosts consist of energy that disrupts the electromagnetic field. An EMF reader will alert you to changes as they happen. Set your reader down in a room, and it will go off when a ghost is nearby.

Different types of equipments

Digital Thermometer

Ghost hunters often report “cold spots” when a spirit is present. A digital thermometer can help provide measurable, concrete evidence of a temperature change.

Thermal Camera

The only thing better than taking the ambient temperature in a room is seeing temperature changes in action! A thermal camera can help you capture humanoid forms in an otherwise space. There’s no more compelling evidence of a haunting than that!

Grab Your Ghost Hunting Gear

In the past, you needed to rely on cold spots and vibes to know you’d encountered a ghost. Today, high-tech ghost-hunting gear makes it possible to capture concrete evidence of your spookiest encounters. Stock up and prepare for a chilling time as you explore your local haunts!

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