Best Ways to Use Custom Lanyards for Child Safety at a Crowded Event

Kids love amusement parks, picnics, and fun events. Unfortunately, such events are also very crowded. The chances of losing sight of your child are higher at a crowded event.

It is essential to let your children know to stay close to you and not wander off on their own. You can use custom lanyards to ensure additional child safety. A lanyard is a cord or strap that children can wear around their necks. 

The lanyard remains secure around your child’s neck throughout the event. For child safety at a crowded event, you can use a custom lanyard in the following ways: 

For Better Visibility

At most crowded events, there will be a constant movement of people. Children may be running around. Or individuals move about excitedly to check out some aspect of the event. It can be challenging to locate your child if you separate from them for some reason. 

To ensure better child safety, you can place a custom lanyard around your child’s neck before going to the event. Make sure to choose a bright-coloured or neon lanyard and enhance its visibility. You may also customize it with some logos or symbols.  

A custom lanyard will be easier to spot among the crowds. You can locate your child even if it is dark. 

Attach Contact Information

You can use a lanyard to attach an ID card along with your contact information. Your child can carry this crucial information around throughout the event. In case your child gets lost in a crowded event, the information will be pivotal.

Any passer-by or security guards at the event can use the contact information to reunite your child with you. As children may not memorize your phone number, you can use a lanyard to solve the issue.

Make sure to attach the following information on a card to a lanyard:

  • Parents’ name 
  • Child’s name
  • Your phone number
  • Phone numbers of other trusted relatives or friends
  • Your address

To Prevent Hazards

Children may get restless when they separate from you at a crowded event. The chances are that they are running around looking for you as well. When a child wears an ID card with your contact information, any quick movements can cause the ID to get caught in objects.

The ID card can tangle with any nearby machine or someone’s purse, or other objects. In severe cases, it can risk choking the child. You can choose breakaway lanyards to prevent such hazards

A breakaway lanyard automatically detaches when it experiences pressure. Your child will not feel any dangerous pressure or pain on their tiny necks.  

For Appropriate Medical Attention

In some instances, your child may be hurt when they separate from you at a crowded event. At times, children may also have an anxiety attacks. Your child must receive timely and appropriate medical attention even when you are not around.

Use a custom lanyard and attach an ID card with information on your child’s existing medical condition. You can add information about their medications, allergies, blood type, and sensitivities.

Make sure to mention all the necessary details. It can be helpful for the rescuers to take care of your children even if they are unconscious. 

Attach An Emergency Kit

Lanyards are handy. Along with an ID card with the necessary information, you can attach an emergency kit to it. Your child can carry the necessary items around their neck.

Attach a small pouch to the lanyard. You can fill it with necessary items such as a band-aid and small snacks. Your child may use them if the need arises. Food helps in calming your little one for a while.  

If your child is a little older, put a small amount of cash in the pouch as well. Ask your child to use it in case of emergencies. 

Make sure that the pouch’s contents are very light. It prevents the exertion of too much pressure on your child’s neck.

For a Secure Hold

It is also possible to give your child a piece of paper with your contact information. However, your child may lose it, or the paper may slip from their pockets. Avoid such risks by using a lanyard to hold the information card.

A lanyard securely holds on to the information. Since the lanyard is around your child’s neck, it does not fall off or get lost. Choose a custom lanyard with sturdy material for better durability.

It can be frightening for both the parents and the child when one misses the other. Ensure the safety of your child at crowded events by using a lanyard. Customize the lanyard for better identification and visibility.  

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