5 Best Energy Healing Tools To Get Over a Breakup

Breaking up with a romantic partner or close friend can take a toll on your positive energy. Some people rely on coping mechanisms to get them through the rough times, but some of these behaviours may further deplete your energy and wellbeing. Instead, why not try a different path to heal your emotional pain that lifts your spirit and promotes healing? Here are just five tools to help you repair your heartbreak after a breakup.  

1. Practice Self-Care

Does it seem like self-care is the answer to many of life’s woes? Self-care may sound like a buzzword, but the act of taking care of yourself may not be high on your priority list. Ultimately, slowing down and paying attention to what makes your body, mind, or spirit stronger is always a good thing. Spending time outdoors, getting more sleep, and reconnecting with friends are all examples of self-care that can energize you and fill your cup.

2. Surround Yourself With Crystals

Crystals have many therapeutic properties, and healing energy is just one of them. Psychic mediums and other metaphysical practitioners use crystals to strengthen bonds and energize auras, making them especially helpful in times of change. Different crystals can have many benefits, but these stones, in particular, are good when dealing with the end of a relationship:

  • Citrine for positivity and joy
  • Rose quartz for easing despair
  • Malachite for transformation

3. Write a Letter

When a breakup occurs, there are often words that are left unsaid. Write them all down in a letter that you do not send. It may seem odd at first, but an unsent letter gives you a platform for your voice. Share your anger, your frustration, your grief, and your regrets. Then you can decide if you want to keep it to look at after some time has passed or to burn it in a cleansing ritual to remove negativity and start anew.

4. Use Daily Affirmations

It is not unusual to blame yourself after a breakup; some people may go so far as to think they are not worthy of love or capable of a meaningful relationship. Daily affirmations are positive pep talks that you give yourself, and they are a small step in the direction of self-acceptance and self-love.

5. Talk to a Professional

You may have had a psychic love reading before your relationship started. Now that it has ended, you may want to again consult with your psychic to unravel your breakup and see what you can learn from it. You can also get a sense of how to move forward and open yourself again to love. A psychic consultation can bring you peace and help you find direction on your journey through life.

The most important healing tool for any breakup, whether you consult with a psychic for a free birth chart or a tarot card reading, is time. Give yourself time to grieve, time to focus on your own needs, and time to change habits and be receptive to new relationships. No matter what energy healing tools speak to you, remember that this heartbreak too shall pass with time.

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