5 Essential Style Tips for Wearing a Watch

Did you know the watch market was valued at over $61 billion in 2020? The stylish nature of watches as an accessory drives consumer demand. But even a perfect watch is only stylish if you know the proper way to wear it.

Have you considered wearing a watch as an accessory? Do you need style tips to match your new watch with an outfit? There are a few simple tricks you should know before you buy a watch.

The following guide will help you complete your look with a watch the right way. Read on to learn how upgrading your style is all in the wrist.

1. Watch Wearing Basics

First, it’s proper etiquette to wear a watch on your non-dominant hand. Of course, you can ignore this rule if a watch fits substantially better on your dominant hand.

Next, choose between a watch with a strap or a metal bracelet. Straps are easier to adjust and typically work better for informal activities. Bracelets are more robust and tend to accent formalwear better.

It’s good to have at least one informal and formal watch to broaden your options for any event. For example, H2Hub Watches offers varieties that range from formal to rugged sportswear.

2. Style Tips For Matching Formal Outfits

The easiest way to add a watch to any outfit is to match it directly to the style of your clothes. For example, pair a sleek watch with an outfit for a black/white tie event that doesn’t distract with a brightly coloured strap.

A classic watch works best for business formal occasions. A timeless watch style makes a nice first impression and shows organization when sealing a deal or trying to land a job.

Watches for business casual events still require a touch of formal style although they’re more relaxed. A watch with a strap might pair nicely with jeans, but a sports watch could be too casual and send the wrong message.

3. Watches for Casual Occasions

Watches are a great way to add a little flair to casual outfits. The watch can even be the star with this type of outfit. You can match your watch’s colour to your outfit or be bold and go for total contrast.

4. Watches For Physical Activity

Sports watches are the best choice for physical activities. A diver’s watch with a plastic strap makes it a good durable choice for sporting events. A classic watch would look out of place with your favourite pair of gym shorts!

5. Matching Materials

Matching materials plays just as important of a role as matching colours. For example, a watch with a leather strap complements other leather accessories. This might include things like belts, bracelets, or bags.

Apply the same rule if you plan to wear a steel watch. Consider matching it with a similar metal ring or bracelet.

It’s Time To Choose Your Watch

Now you know a few basic style tips to properly wear a watch and enhance your look. Remember to consider the occasion, the colour of your outfit, and the material of other accessories you’ll be wearing.

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