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Who is Kat Timpf Cameron Friscia? Wikipedia, Net Worth, Military Service, West Point!

Cameron Friscia is an American soldier working for Coatue Management as a research associate. He is known for being Kat Timpf’s husband. His wife is an American writer, blogger, libertarian blogger, television comic, and actor who is well-known because of her performance. 

Her most significant break was when she appeared on FOX’s “The Greg Gutfeld Show.” Cameron James Friscia is married to Kat Timph. On May 1, 2021, they got Married. Friscia is valued at $4 million. Friscia has left the military after 15 years and is now employed as an expert in security and business, working in New York City for Coatue Management.

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Quick Info 

Full name         Cameron James Frascia
Alias White Caucasian
Gender Male
Date of birth August 10th, 1986
Age in 202438
Nationality American
Place of birth New York City, United States
Current residence Brooklyn, New York, US
Religion Christianity 
Ethnicity Hair Color  
Profession   Former Military, currently banker and investor
Net worth $4 million
Marital status Married
School Choate Rosemary Hall College U.S. Military Academy (Bachelor in Science)
Hair Color  Dark brown
Eye color Light brown
Zodiac sign Leo
Social media Cameron James Frascia Instagram

Early Life

Cameron Friscia was born on 10 August 1986 (37 in 2023) and is an American citizen. United States. He was born in New York City, and Fascia is of Caucasian roots. Francia has not made the identity of his siblings or parents public in the public domain. The financier was a student at Choate Rosemary Hall, his Alma mater in the state of his birth, New York. 

He was a student at an academy called the U.S. Military Academy, where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree after his graduation—from the OTS Officer Training School concluded the introductory training course for infantry officers that lasted for 17 weeks.

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Cameron Friscia Career

Friscia is an associate researcher and former officer of the US military. He served for more than 15 years in the military, holding various roles, such as commanding an infantry squadron, being an executive assistant to the brigade commander, and being an assistant operations commander.

After stepping down 2013 from the US military in 2013, the husband of Kat Timph Friscia entered the trading and banking business. He started as an intern for Bank of America and then as a dealer for Merrill Lynch Pierce Fenner & Smith Inc. Currently, he’s working as a researcher with Coatue Management, a financial management firm based in New York, USA.

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Net worth

His precise worth has been the subject of considerable disagreement among online sources because he has never disclosed it. Nevertheless, most sources estimate it to be between $2 and $4 million. Kat Timpf’s net worth is frequently cited at $1.5 million; however, this figure has yet to be substantiated. 

Except for particulars regarding his profession and marital union with his renowned spouse, Cameron Friscia’s life appears to be largely obscured. Nevertheless, his regular contributions to social media indicate that he is content with his lifestyle and, above all else, his low-key marital status.

Personal Life

Cameron Friscia

Does Cameron James Friscia still have Kat Timph as his wife? Yes, they’re happily married in 2023. They became friends via Raya, a Raya dating app designed for celebrities. In August 2020, Kat showed Cameron her engagement wedding ring in The Greg Gutfeld show to announce that she would marry Cameron. 

Find out more: Five fascinating information regarding Henry of Married at First Sight. The couple was married on May 1st, 2021, at an elegant ceremony led by Lissa Kennedy from Fox’s Kennedy Show. Kat Trimph And Cameron Friscia’s wedding photos were shared on their husband’s new Instagram account. 

Physical Appearance

Cameron Friscia

Cameron will be 38 years older in February 2024. His birth date was the 10th of August, 1986, which makes him a Leo. While a student at Choate Rosemary Hall, he was a passionate participant in lacrosse and hockey. He attended his first United States Military Academy at West Point in the following years to complete his Baccalaureate in Science. Cameron completed a 17-week Infantry Basic Course at Officer Training School because of his unwavering dedication.

His body is highly muscular and sturdy. Cameron is 5-8 inches tall and weighs a healthy 76 kg. Cameron’s appealing appearance is due to his dark brown eyes and dark hair. Despite his awe-inspiring accomplishments, he keeps an unwavering commitment to an esoteric lifestyle.

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In a nutshell, Cameron Friscia is a prominent former military officer. He currently works as a researcher at Coatue Management. He is a brave soldier, unafraid to stand by his convictions despite difficulties. He has had impressive success in both his professional pursuits as well as in his interpersonal relationships. Their rise to fame following his marriage to Kat Timph. She is a co-host of Fox Channel at the moment. His love for the countryside inspired him to take on a job as an officer in the army.

As a result of his extraordinary performance in 2012, he was commissioned into the Air Force as an operational officer in Afghanistan. Since he is never satisfied and fights for the safety of his country, he acts as a source of inspiration for his family, wife, and their most beloved nation. Although he has many sources of revenue, he would prefer to live a simple yet refined life.


What is Cameron Friscia’s field of work?

He held the post of investigator and former military officer. He also worked as a Research Assistant in Coatue Management in New York City and as an American financier. He gained fame for his relationship with Kat Timph.

Who is Kat Timpf’s husband?

Cameron Friscia is an American soldier working for Coatue Management as a research associate. He is known for being Kat Timpf’s husband. 

How much is Kat Timpf’s Husband’s net worth of four million dollars? 

In contrast, he makes fifty thousand dollars a month.

How tall is Cameron?

Contrary to the height difference in Ca, meron’s 5 ‘8 inches wife’s height is 5 feet 6 inches tall.

What does Kat Timpf’s husband do for a living?

Kat Timpf’s husband is an associate researcher and former officer of the US military. He served for more than 15 years in the military.


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