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Julie Rose Clapton, the Daughter of Eric Clapton – Bio, Age

Who is Melia McEnery Daughter Julie Rose Clapton: Biography, Boyfriend, and Net Worth?

Julie Rose Clapton is the daughter of Eric Clapton, a well-known English rock musician, composer, and singer. Melia McEnery is an American socialite and philanthropist who actively participates in her daughter’s life.

Quick Facts Eric Clapton Daughter Julie Rose Clapton

Full NameJulie Rose Clapton
First NameJulie
Middle NameRose
Last NameClapton
Date of BirthJune 13, 2001
Age22 years as of 2024
ProfessionMelia McEnery Kid
Birth CityColumbus, Ohio
Birth CountryUnited States
Father NameEric Patrick Clapton
Father Professionrock and blues guitarist, singer, and songwriter
Mother NameMelia McEnery
Gender IdentityFemale
SiblingsRuth Clapton, Ella May Clapton, Conor Clapton and Sophie Belle Clapton
Net worth$450 million

Early Life

Julie Rose Clapton Early life

Julie Clapton was born on June 13, 2001, and is currently 22. Her astrological significance is Gemini. She was also born in Columbus, Ohio, and is an American citizen. United States of America.

In addition, regarding Julie Clapton religion and ethnicity, the woman is Caucasian and adheres to Christianity.

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Julie Rose Clapton – Body Measurements

Julie Rose Clapton Body Measurements

For body dimensions, Julie Clapton is 5 feet 3 inches (63 inches) tall and weighs around 52 kilograms (113 pounds). She also is slim and thin. The body measures 32-26-36 inches.

Additionally, Eric Clapton’s daughter, Julie likes to wear a size five (US) and an oversized bra cup of size 30C. Similar to her appearance sports fair skin dark brown eyes, and long, blonde hair.

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Family background

Julie Rose Clapton Siblings

Julie Rose Clapton parents are English rock musician Eric Clapton and American philanthropist Melia McEnery. In the 1980s and 1990s, her father, Eric Clapton, was the main driver behind the development that rock music experienced within the UK.

Similarly, Julie clapton family consists of Patricia Molly Clapton and Edward Walter Fryer whose daughter she is. Ella May Clapton and Sophie Belle Clapton are the names given to their two siblings. Ella May Clapton was born on January 14, 2003, while Sophie Belle Clapton was born in 2005. So they are each younger than her.

The same is true for Ruth Clapton. There are two of her step-siblings: Conor Clapton and Ruth Clapton. In Total, Eric Clapton daughters are Julie Rose, Ella May, Sophie Belle, and Ruth Clapton

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The Love Story of Parents

julie rose clapton Parents Eric Clapton and Melia McEnery

Julie rose clapton mother’s name is Melia McEnery. In a celebration held in Columbus, Ohio, in 2018, she met Eric Patrick Clapton. Melia worked as the office’s assistant and handed Eric the reception following his performance. Eric was 53, and Melia was just 22 at that time. After the event and a few days of dating, they began to date for a time before making the news about their romance. After three years of being a boyfriend and girlfriend, the couple decided to get married.

The couple got married on January 1, 2002, on January 1, 2002, at St. Mary Magdalene Church in Ripley, which is Eric’s hometown. Eric and Melia have three children who live at their home. Julie is her oldest sister and brother. Two of her older sisters include Ella May Clapton, who was born on January 14, 2003, as well as Sophie Belle Clapton (born on February 1, 2005).

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Julie Rose Clapton Father

Julie Rose Clapton Father Eric Clapton

Eric Clapton, a well-known rock musician, singer, songwriter, and guitarist, is named the father of Julie Rose. Parents Patricia Molly Clapton and Edward Walter Fryer had their son on March 30, 1945. Since 17, the guitarist has been part of the band “The Roosters,” where the guitarist is. In 1963 He joined the Yardbirds, a blues-influenced rock and roll group, and remained in the band until March 1965. That marked the start of his professional career. In the 80s and 90s, the singer was among the first to perform Rock music in the UK.

Before he married Pattie Boyd in 1979, Eric Clapton dated funk singer Betty Davis. After he was caught cheating with her and beating her because of his drinking, the marriage ended. Julie Rose Clapton father, Erica Clapton started dating Yvonne Kelly, the director of AIR Studios Montserrat, in 1984, when they were still together with Pattie Boys. In January of 1985, Ruth Kelly Clapton, his daughter, who is also with Yvonne Kelly, was born. The world didn’t know about Ruth until 1991 when the media came out. Eric’s son and daughter have been named Ruth.

In 1989, after Eric began to have affairs and a relationship with Italian actress Lory Del Santo, Eric decided to end his relationship with Pattie Boyd. On August 21 August 21, 1986, Lory Del Santo was a mother to his sole child, Conor Clapton. Conor Clapton died on March 20, 1991, after he fell through an open window in his bedroom on the 53rd floor of a Manhattan condominium. He has been a resident of the building for the past four years.

Eric Clapton met Melia McEnery, when she was an assistant at Columbus, Ohio, in 1998. They dated for three years before getting wed in St. Mary Magdalene church in Ripley, Surrey, England, in 2002. They were parents to Julie Rose Clapton and Ella May Clapton, as well as Sophie Belle Clapton, Eric’s final three children and daughters.

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Father’s Ferrari Addiction

Eric Clapton, father of Julie Rose Clapton, has always loved Ferrari. He recalled Mike Hawthorn, Fangio, Alfa Romeo, Mercedes, and Alto Union as five or six-year-old motor race enthusiasts. Eric noticed that the car had two engines, V12 and V16.

He was interested in racing due to his love of Ferrari, the best automaker of the time. He admitted that he watched races and racetracks as Felipe Nasr is his friend and a fan of his. The perfectionist is just like Ferrari, and whenever writing songs, performing an act, or performing an event, he always has an idealized standard in the back of his mind.

Julie rose Clapton father, Eric Clapton is still struggling with smartphones and computers. He believes his lack of knowledge reminds him of the importance of playing. Ferrari Lusso and 612 Scaglietti are among Eric’s top choices. He has a Ferrari GTO 599.

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Is Julie Rose Clapton in a Relationship? 

Julie Rose Clapton Boyfriend

Julie Clapton is currently dating an individual named Chloe Gardner. Clapton first stated that her romance with Gardner was real in January 2021 after she posted a photo of her and her alleged lover sharing a romantic kiss via Instagram.

Although Julie did not reveal any details regarding the picture, their tensions made it clear that they were in a relationship.

Another interesting point is that Julie Clapton hasn’t shared any pictures of her claimed lover since the one mentioned. However, it is not clear regarding their breakup or any other similar incident.

Net Worth 2023

Julie Rose Clapton has yet to decide on a profession. Julie Clapton is currently studying because she was the daughter of an acclaimed pop star and an American patron and has lived in luxurious surroundings since she was a baby.

In the same way, her father, British rock star Eric Clapton, has a net worth of more than $450 million.


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