Who is Korina Harrison the ex-wife of Corey Harrison’s – Bio, Age, Height

Who is Corey Harrison’s ex-wife Korina Harrison: Biography, Early life, Net worth, Present Boyfriend, and Facts!

Korina Harrison was the spouse of a celebrity in America. United States. The couple was Corey Harrison, a Pawn Star actor. The couple shares a child.

Their marriage, however, was not a long-lasting one; when they split after an entire year. Since Korina Kiki, also known as Kiki, got married to Corey, her story has been an ongoing interest.

In this article, we’ll take an in-depth review of the personal life of Corey Harrison’s wife.

Early Life, Parents, Education

Korina Harrison

Korina Harrison is an American native of the United States. The country she is from is American, as is her Caucasian race. Information about her mother, father, and childhood is scarce on the internet. Corey Harrison wife has kept her life a secret and hasn’t revealed anything about her life. Also, there needs to be more information regarding her educational background.

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Korina Harrison: Profession, Wild, Career

Corey Harrison wife became famous after she realized she was closely related by blood to Corey Harrison. Corey is an entrepreneur in his native United States. He could partner in the World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas.

Corey is also part of his History TV show, Pawn Stars. The previous life of Corey Harrison’s wife before meeting Corey is not known. There needs to be more information regarding her professional experience. Furthermore, she has yet to receive any honours or awards.

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Body Measurements of Corey Harrison wife 

Korina Harrison is living a double existence. In the same way, her physical attributes like height, weight, and bra size aren’t listed. Korina wears dark brown hair, dark blue eyes, and fair skin, as evident in her pictures.

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Is Korina Harrison Still Corey Harrison’s Wife? 

Korina Harrison

Korina and Corey Harrison are no longer engaged. Their marriage lasted just one year, and they both lived independently. It needs to be clarified when they met or when they first began to date. It is believed that they were in a relationship for a time before they decided to tie the knot in the year 2017. On the 26th of May, 2017, the wedding ceremony occurred in San Diego, California. As per the information, the wedding was a small gathering with just a handful of family members and friends.

Suppose the couple was happy together. The wedding ended after two months. Everyone thought everything was perfect between them. However, it was soon apparent that Korina Harrison and Corey wanted to break up their relationship.

In August 2018, the couple filed for divorce to dissolve their union after having been married for two months. Many hoped they could resolve their issues and continue as an unmarried couple. However, by the following period, it had become evident that they weren’t in a relationship.

Like many celebrity divorces and breakups, there was plenty of speculation and rumors regarding what transpired. Corey Harrison wife, in contrast, hasn’t discussed the matter. Corey stated that the couple’s working schedules caused the breakdown of their relationship. Whatever the issue was, they could separate peacefully and continue to communicate well.

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The Couple Became Parents to One Child.

Korina Harrison

In the course of their relationship, their son was named Richard Benjamin Harrison after Corey’s grandfather.

In October 2018, their sole child was born. When asked what he thought about being a father for the first time, Corey stated, “I’m happy and I’m as nervous as hell.”

In the interview, Kiki Harrison stated that she wishes her son would have eyes similar to her father’s.

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Is Korina Dating After Divorce?

Because of the secluded lifestyle of Korina Harrison, it isn’t easy to talk about her personal life. Since her separation from her husband, Corey, her life has disappeared.

At the moment, her husband is engaged to Tara Pasley. The two of them have been going out together for a long time.

Additionally, before getting married to Korina kiki harrison, Corey was previously married. He was engaged to Charlene Harrison who was Corey Harrison first wife. He divorced her in 2015.

Net Worth, Salary

Because the professional life of Korina Harrison isn’t known, as is her net worth, when she was married to her ex-husband, they lived an extravagant lifestyle. Corey Harrison net worth is $4 million of assets and bought a house at $385,000 in 2011. He likely has several collections of brand-name automobiles.


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