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Dallas Xavier Barrino, Son of Fantasia Barrino – Bio, Height

Who is Fantasia Barrino Son Dallas Xavier Barrino? Biography,

Dallas Xavier Barrino is the son of Fantasia Barrino, who was crowned in the final season of American Idol in 2004. In the years following winning American Idol, Dallas’ mother, songwriter, and singer Fantasia Barrino has become popular in the entertainment world. She has three children, which include Dallas.

Early life and education of Dallas Xavier Barrino

Fantasia Barrino Son Dallas Xavier Barrino

Dallas Xavier Barrino was born on the 13th of December 2011, on the 13th of December, in North Carolina, United States. His Zodiac Sign is Sagittarius, and he has American citizenship. At the moment in his life, he’s only recognized for being the child of famous American singer Fantasia Barrino.

Xavier Barrino was brought up in North Carolina as an only child by his mother and his un-celebrity American dad, Antwaun Cook. They never got married and separated soon after the birth of their son. Dallas is the half-sister of a sister born in May 2021 to Fantasia and her businessman husband Kendall Taylor, who married on the 18th of July in front of their immediate family members.

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Dallas Xavier Barrino

Additionally, Dallas Xavier Barrino has a half-sister called Zion Quari Barrino, to whom Fantasia was born at 16 years old and whose father was the ex of Fantasia’s boyfriend Brandel Shouse.

The mother of Xavier Barrino keeps him out of the media’s attention, and there isn’t much information about his personal life. Fantasia Barrino son is currently enrolled in an elementary school in the local area and is believed to be primarily attracted to sports. He plays football at school and also plays tennis and soccer. As an active member of the high school’s Drama Club, Dallas is believed to be a part of various theatre and school productions.

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Fantasia Barrino’s Marital life

Fantasia Barrino

Dallas Fantasia is the mother of Dallas Xavier Barrino and is married. On the 18th of July in 2015, she happily married Kendall Taylor in a private ceremony. Zion Quar Barrino and Keziah London Taylor are her daughters.

Young Dro, a rapper from the United States, had been her partner for a short time. Fantasia also had a relationship with Michael Clayton, who used to play in the NFL and was a winner of the Super Bowl. Additionally, Barrino dated Antwaun Cook as her father’s child in the decade of 2010.

In August of 2010, she was accused of being in a relationship with Cook for one year in the divorce case that Mecklenburg County District Court filed. However, the doll claimed her relationship with Antwaun began before Cook quit.

A judge ruled in favor of the black star and said it was nine months before what Cook’s ex-wife had stated. One month later, the Mother of Dallas Xavier Barrino had to be admitted to a hospital due to consuming too much aspirin and sleep aid. The next day she claimed that she had attempted to commit suicide.

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Is Dallas’s Father Antwaun Cook?

Dallas Xavier Barrino parents Fantasia Barrino Antwaun Cook

As we’ve already mentioned, Barrino has never said the fact that Antwaun Cook is the father of Xavier Barrino However, they were engaged in an affair before Dallas was born. Fantasia Dallas’s mother and Cook, who is believed to be Dallas’s father, are believed to have started dating in the summer of 2009.

Antwaun has a job as a salesperson and an agent for real estate. He also has a beautiful connection with his son Dallas and is worthy of being noted. Barrino’s former partner will never forget to send Dallas his birthday, the day he celebrates.

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Net Worth of Dallas Xavier Barrino

Texas is the home of Dallas, one of the state’s largest cities. Due to his parent’s wealth, Xavier Barrino enjoys a life of privilege. His father’s mother, Rhapsody Barrino, is highly accomplished in her profession and has around $5 million. Her album of studio presentations called Free Yourself has sold more than two million copies across the globe.

The father of his son, Kendall Taylor, is thought to be worth $700,000. Taylor also gets a yearly pay of 120,000 dollars. Taylor was once the chief operating officer for Metro Transportation, LLC. He’s still hard and living life to the highest degree.

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Social Media 

absence of Dallas Xavier Barrino on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter is surprising. But, he receives lots of attention through Fantasia’s Instagram account (known as “Tasiaword”). 5.4 million people are following her.

If young Xavier Barrino seems to be on social media, the reason is that his mother manages his accounts. Barrino, the North Carolina aristocrat’s spoiled heir, is still a brat with a bad reputation. Kezia, their sister, is an Instagram sensation with over 72,600 followers.


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