Features to Look Out for in a Hand Mixer

Even though all hand mixers are designed to whip, beat and combine ingredients, they aren’t built the same. Some hand mixers will have more features than others. And as the buyer, you need to consider what features appeal most to you. Below is a quick guide on some of the key features you should look out for in a hand mixer.

1. Size of the Base

We had to start with this because most buyers rarely consider the shape and size of the base of a hand mixer. They, later on, start to complain when it starts toppling or falling over when they put it on a counter. This is often a source of frustration amongst many cooks as well as kitchen enthusiasts. That’s why you should invest in a hand mixer that has a bigger and firmer base that allows it to stand upright without falling on the counter.

2. The shape of the Beater

After finding the ideal size, the next factor that you have to consider is the shape of the beater. Understandably, you may opt for a uniquely shaped beater but how good will it be at whipping up ingredients? The ideal beater of your hand mixer ought to have a shape that can facilitate the thorough mixing of ingredients at faster rates.

3. Weight

Unlike stand mixers whose weight isn’t often a huge source of concern, it is mandatory that hand mixers are lightweight. Never go for a hand mixer that is heavier than 1.5 lbs. The sleeker the mixer, the longer you will be able to hold on to it without getting tired. Therefore, always look out for the weight in the product description before buying it.

4. The Watts

A hand mixer with a watt reading of about 350 is sufficient to cover moderate to complex ingredient whipping activities. Though watts heavily determine the power a hand mixer can offer you, you should first evaluate how you want to use the hand mixer. And how often you will be using it.

5. The Speed

Hand mixers come in various speed settings. When shopping for one, you need to check out the speed settings of a mixer and determine whether it will serve you best. Some mixers have a turbo speed option. This accelerates the movement of the beater allowing you to mix ingredients in an incredibly shorter time frame. The speed of a hand mixer is often included in the product description.

6. Price

The number of premium features you get in a hand mixer is equivalent to the price you pay for it. More expensive hand mixers will always have a unique design and more advanced features. That however doesn’t mean affordable hand mixers lack better features. Fortunately, you can get a quality hand mixer in Singapore even when you are on a tight budget, provided you shop from a reputable seller.

7. Sound

The other feature that you may forget about is the sound. We are so accustomed to handling mixers being noisy that we forget there are silent ones. If you hate waking up your kids when you are whipping up a cake in the morning, you may consider investing in a quiet hand mixer.

8. Handle

Finally, we have the handle. This is what you use to hold the mixer. A good hand mixer should have a strong handle that offers enough grip, it’s ergonomic, and is easy to hold.

Finding a quality hand mixer shouldn’t be a problem if you consider the above factors. And when you do get one, ensure that you use it properly. This is the only secret behind having a hand mixer that serves you for years.

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