Where can I learn Python for free?

In coding, Python is regarded as one of the fastest-growing programming languages. This coding language is broadly used across several business sectors, including web development, programming, data science, machine learning, etc.

Python is an object-oriented yet high-level programming language that consists of dynamic semantics and built-in data structures. As it finds applications almost everywhere, it supports numerous packages and modules that enable code reuse and program modularity.

In recent years, this language has received so much popularity that aspirants are flocking to learn the same. If you’re keen on acquiring basic programming skills, then opt for the Python online course free.

This article will give you informative insights into the best places to learn Python for free.

Let’s get started.

Top Free Python Courses Online 2023

Here, we have made a comprehensive listing of the best places where you can learn Python for free:

  • Simplilearn’s Free Python Basics Course for Beginners

This Python basics free Course offered by Simplilearn takes you through the basics of Python. It is intricately designed to help beginners have a clear and complete understanding of all the concepts in detail.

Once this free Python course is over, you will learn Python programming basics. You will also become familiar with the setup and installation of the Python Software.

This course contains 1 hour of self-paced video lessons. And when you complete the course, you will be awarded a course completion certificate. Besides, you will have 90 days of access to your free course.

  • Microsoft’s Introduction to Python Course

This free Python course is typically a part of Microsoft’s Python learning paths. This introductory course allows students to learn Python online and seamlessly construct an input/output program.

Please note that this free online course is extremely short and covers eight units within 16 minutes. It inculcates the basic concepts and skills of Python within the students so that they can pursue advanced learning.

In this free online course, students also get to explore Python code. Furthermore, they learn where to run Python applications and how to use the Python interpreter and declare variables. It also prepares them with the techniques to access free resources.

  • Google’s Python Class

This free online Python course is exclusively designed for students with little programming language experience. The intensive two-day course offered by Google demands zero official prerequisites. Students only need to possess a basic understanding of the concepts of Python, like ‘if’ statements.

The learners will initially explore lists and strings through written materials and lecture videos. Besides, a coding exercise after each section tends to become increasingly complex. Students will get to work with text files, HTTP connections, and processes, thereby obtaining hands-on practice with complete programs.

  • Learn Python Full Course for Beginners by freeCodeCamp

Developed and introduced by Mike Dane, this free YouTube tutorial is around 4½ hours long. This video course typically covers all the basics required to start with Python.

Besides, it also covers writing code within a text editor versus an integrated development environment such as PyCharm. Students get to work with strings and numbers, comparisons, and if statements while exploring variables and data types.

Above all, the learners become familiar with and learn the techniques of building a basic translator, calculator, and multiple-choice quiz.

  • Introduction to Python Programming by Udemy

The introductory online Python course offered by Udemy doesn’t require the learners to possess previous experience in programming. But to get started, they need access to a functioning desktop or laptop.

Please note that this free course features three distinctive sections, 18 lectures, and 1½ hours of on-demand video lectures. Here, the students are offered in-depth lessons to begin with the basics seamlessly.

All the learners explore variables, strings, and data types. After that, they move on to loops and conditions, functions, and file manipulation.

  • Python for Everybody by Coursera

This course, in particular, demands no prerequisites other than basic computer skills. Programming for Everybody is the first of the five Python for Everybody specialization courses offered by Coursera.

The first course covers the five textbook chapters “Python for Everybody.” And it takes around 19 hours for the entire course to complete. Here, beginners get to learn the ways of installing Python along with the basics of Python 3.

Learners also learn to use variables to retrieve, calculate, and store information. On the other hand, they also learn to use programming tools such as loops and functions to write their first program.

  • Learn Python 3 From Scratch through Educative

This beginner-level course specifically features a hands-on learning experience within a live coding experience using an effective browser. It takes around 10 hours for the entire procedure to get completed.

The learners usually begin with the basic building blocks. And next, they move on to typically higher-level concepts, including functions and loops. Quizzes, written lessons, and certain assessments also allow students to practice and test their existing skills.

The interactive playgrounds and coding challenges help reinforce the course concepts. Furthermore, they build essential skills to formulate the basic applications in Python 3.

  • Learn Python 2 by Codecademy

The introductory course by Codecademy also doesn’t require any prerequisites. However, the entire course takes approximately 25 hours to complete. The students get to learn fundamental programming concepts and coding using Python.

The lessons covered within this free online course include Python strings, syntax, conditionals and control flaws, console output, lists, functions, and dictionaries. Please remember that each section consists of quizzes and lessons so that the learners can have the opportunity to practice new skills.

While proceeding with the free Python course, learners will stand a chance to complete projects. Some of the most common ones include a command line calendar, a tip calculator, and a real-world application.

To conclude

That’s all, folks! These are some of the best places to learn Python for free. Since most of the online free courses provide almost similar information, you have the privilege to choose whichever you like.

In other words, you don’t need to enroll in all the courses as it would be time-consuming and ridiculous. Instead, pick out the one that fits your learning style appropriately. Start training yourself and intensify your coding skills with these online Python courses for free!

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