8 ways to get that expensive and polished look for any event

Are you looking for a wardrobe transformation that doesn’t put a hole in your pocket? Indeed, then you have arrived on the right page.

When creating a capsule closet or a change in your style, you always need the right kind of resources. You need someone to assist you with clothes and accessories according to your body type all the while keeping in mind the budget and payment plan. 

Getting a shopping assistant or hiring a stylist means waving away extra fees. Instead of spending your hard-earned money on something that is not tangible, you can always look into the virtual store that has everything you need without asking. 

Ounass is a leading virtual store based in Dubai that has incredible luxury brands on board. With options for installments to preloved items at discounted prices using Ounass coupon codes, you can get luxury items without breaking the bank.

A working individual or a college student generally doesn’t have the time to spend on Pinterest creating a mood board for the next season’s clothes. This is why we have created simple yet effective ways for you to make drastic changes without putting in the extra effort.

1. Material matters 

Have you ever purchased an item of clothing, worn it, and wondered why it doesn’t sit right on you? The size was perfect for you and the color complimented your skin yet the dress doesn’t look good on you.

 That is the power of materials i.e; Silk cotton polyester latex wool and leather. One might think that material doesn’t play a huge role in your appearance but it does. 

You can give off a harsh look in some clothes and look softer in others due to the material sitting on your body. 

Pro-tip: Pull out different kinds of materials in your closet, wear them then donate any pieces that don’t look pleasing to you in the mirror.

Next time you shop you won’t be spending much time analyzing how the cloth would look on you.

2. Tailor fit for you

Nothing screams cheap like a badly fit piece of clothing. Therefore always check your size before making an online purchase. 

If you cannot find anything that fits your body type and shape then you can always get a larger size and have it taken in. Online stores like Ounass can also have them tailored before it is delivered to you. 

3. Recognize your undertones

There are three types of undertones; warm, cool, and neutral and if you want to wear a color you love, picking the right shade is the key. A simple red evening gown can look drag on you if the undertone was not right for your skin color. 

Therefore, look for undertones with the simple wrist in sunlight test; check for viens of your wrists under natural light. If the veins appear blue it means you have cool-toned skin, if they appear green then you have more of a warm tone and if you can see both of them then you are neutral. 

This simple test can determine what kind of colors and shades will bring out your looks. 

4. The fragrance of your choice 

You may love a good floral and sporty scent but it doesn’t match your outfit of the day. You’ve ruined your entire look. Scents have a great impact on our appearance, you may seem more attractive with the type of notes of scents you use. 

The rule of thumb is to have different types of fragrances for different occasions. You need a mature musk scent for an evening gala, a floral orange blossom for a luncheon, and a sensual romantic note for a date. You can never switch the notes as they will not coordinate with your clothes and event. Make sure to invest in Eau de toillete and not eau de parfum.  

5. Accessorize your outfit 

Accessories can make or break your outfit, therefore choose them wisely. The rule of accessorizing is simple; the less the more. Always invest in statement pieces that will not tarnish with wear.

 A pair of diamond or pearl studs will last you for decades, a gold platted fine necklace can be paired with many clothes and a classic watch can make you look richer than you think.

6. Logos are a no-no 

If you want to look expensive and put together, never go for flashy logos and accents. This just ruins the taste of your outfit, we get it you want people to know you spend your money on quality material. 

However, using in-your-face logos only makes the ensemble tacky. Therefore always go for minimalist basic clothes that have high-quality material, fit, and tone. You will continuously stand apart from the group!

7. Vintage or preloved 

There is absolutely nothing wrong about buying a 1960s vintage Chanel suit, there is also a wide mark to be buying and disposing of clothes constantly. Therefore, getting a preloved item is not only sensible and wise but also practical for the environment. 

You can own many luxury brand items like a Gucci bag or a Valentino dress, and pass it on to someone else after you’re happy with the wear. 

8. Get the best deals 

Buying luxury brands can be tough on the pocket if you buy retail. Instead of spending your time and capital on stores at the mall. You can always look for a virtual store that provides you with all the relevant brands at great sale prices. Since you wouldn’t want to spend your time on cashback and collecting coupons, you can always log in to Ounass. Get your hands on our Ounass coupon code and use it to reduce your bill. 

About the Author:

Monica Wilson is a personal stylist from Los Angeles. She believes in sustainable fashion choices, meaning investing in luxury brands that don’t damage the environment and last for a lifetime. She also shares her experiences in the industry on her blog and Instagram reels. 

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