The 5 Things Every Online Coding Class Needs

It’s no wonder parents everywhere rush to enrol their children in online coding classes. We live in a digital world, and the people who can create tomorrow’s innovations will have a major advantage over those who consume them.

However, not all online coding classes for kids are of equal value. Before enrolling your child in an online program this school season coding classes must meet the following five criteria. 

1. Real Coding Languages

Some entry-level coding programs begin with Scratch, a drag-and-drop program that only gives a sense of what coding is like. However, no professionals ever use Scratch on the job.

Instead, start your kid learning real coding languages that the industry will expect them to know, such as:

  • Python
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • C#
  • C++

Indirect skills kids learn from coding are invaluable. Knowing how to write code in the most popular, powerful languages is even better.

2. Small Sessions

No parent wants their child to get ignored by their teacher. Students are liable to get overlooked the larger the sessions are.

Leading online computer coding classes have a maximum ratio of four students per teacher and run the sessions even if there’s only one student. This confirms for parents when they sign up that the class will run as scheduled, allowing every student to get the attention they deserve effortlessly.

3. All About Video Games!

Kids learn best when they’re motivated, and nothing gets them excited quite like learning how to create a video game they can play with friends and family. Today’s gameplay vastly exceeds 1980s arcade games, and parents will be stunned to see their child create such advanced games!

If students need a carrot to chase, nothing will capture their attention and drive them to learn crucial skills like the prospect of creating their own game.

4. Young Teachers

Teachers who also grew up gaming make excellent teachers for the next generation. The passion for video gaming is something that can’t be faked. Kids intuitively sense when authentic excitement, so teachers young enough to have grown up playing computer games are ideal.

Plus, practically speaking, young students have a perfect resource to answer questions about what doors learning to code opens and what coding is like later in school.

5. Years of Experience and Modern Equipment

Many online courses popped up seemingly overnight throughout the course of the pandemic. Look for an online coding program that has operated for a couple of decades. Their experience and refined proprietary curriculum are major differentiators.

Finally, the best online coding programs have updated technology for remote learning, with cutting-edge CMS making online learning simple and effective.

Parents are correct to want online coding classes that teach their children STEM skills in a fun way. But finding the best programs may be challenging when they themselves don’t know how to code. This fall, don’t settle for just any coding school. Instead, ensure your program hits all the notes described above so your child has fun learning the skills of the future.

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