What does Coorg have for tourism?

Coorg or Kodagu is one of the tourist districts of Karnataka. As it is a part of the Western Ghats, the flora and fauna are rich in the region. The natural attraction of Coorg will not allow you to leave this place so easily. Hence, plan a long trip to Coorg. It is a tourist destination and with its enchanting resorts in Coorg, you will not face any accommodation and travel-related problems here. There are various hotels and resorts in Coorg, where tourists can stay and rest. For real holiday fun, they can visit these popular tourist spots of Coorg- 

Coffee Plantation

The climate of Coorg is best suited for Coffee Plantation. There are various Coffee Plantation sites in the Coorg district of Karnataka. You can’t miss visiting these sites on your holiday trip to Coorg. In big and popular plantation sites, paid guides are offered to tourists to explain the plantation. Visit to Coffee Plantation will give you a good travel experience and education about coffee production. You can also buy real coffee beans and coffee powder from these plantation sites. 

Abbey Falls

Abbey Waterfall is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the Coorg. It is mere 8 kilometres away from Madikeri town in the Kodagu district. In the Abbey waterfall, water falls from a height of 70 feet. Around the waterfall, there are several sites of coffee plantations and specie plantations sites. The scenes are absolutely mesmerizing when the waterfalls in such a lush green forest from a high altitude. However, visitors are not allowed to bathe in the Abbey waterfall. But they undoubtedly have a never before experience of nature. 

Raja’s Seat

Raja’s Seat is a historically significant garden in Madikeri town of Coorg. The Kings and Queens of Kodagu, who have ruled Karnataka for years used to visit this garden frequently. In the garden, Raja’s Seat is a brick structure with four pillars. The garden has now become a sightseeing location. You can watch mesmerizing scenes of sunrise and sunset from a semi-circular viewpoint pavilion of the Garden. Multiple varieties of flowers and plants are also grown in this garden which makes it more beautiful. The garden also has swings and toy trains for the entertainment of kids.

Pushpgiri Wildlife Sanctuary

As mentioned earlier, Coorg has rich flora and fauna. After visiting the flora sites, you should also visit some fauna sites in Coorg. Pushpgiri Wildlife Sanctuary is one such site, you must visit during the Coorg vacation. The Sanctuary covers an area of around 102 square kilometres. You will find various rare species of birds in this forest. Situated in the town of Somwarpet, Pushpgiri Wildlife Sanctuary is made by adjoining two forests rich in flora and fauna. The two forests are Bisen Reserve Forest and the Kukke Subramanya forest ranges. The entry ticket for this site is also very minimal. You should definitely visit this place because it is a proposed world heritage site as well. 

Dubare Elephant Camp

If you are an Animal lover then Dubare Elephant Camp is for you. You can spend a full day and even a night around trained elephants. The current Dubare Elephant Camp is earlier a training center for Elephants of the Mysore Dussehra procession. Currently, it is turned into a natural habitat for trained Elephants by a private undertaker. You can have a day visit here to look at the activities of elephants. But if you want to have a full experience of wild habitat then you should stay for a full day and night in this camp. Camp offers paid rooms and cottages for visitors who want to stay overnight in the camp. Asiatic Elephants are the main species of the camp. Notably, you will also find other animals in the surroundings of Dubare Elephant Camp. 

Nagarhole National Park

The Nagarhole National Park covers two districts of Karnataka, Kodagu (Coorg) and Mysore. You can visit this place and see different species of animals in the National Park. This park has Bengal Tigers, Indian leopards, Sloth Bears, Indian jackals, Indian Pangolins, and various other mammals. Nagarhole National Park also has more than 250 species of birds. 

Golden Temple

There is a Namdroling Monastery in Coorg that is the world’s largest teaching center for Tibetan Buddhists. This place is popularly known as the golden temple. The temple is made up of Bamboo. You can witness the traces of Tibetan Buddhist archaeology and designs in this temple. Golden Temple is a very peaceful place to visit in Coorg. Hence, visitors are also expected to maintain the peace and discipline of this place. In the 80 square feet area, festivals like Losar, Logachen Anniversary, Mipham Anniversary, Gutor, etc. are also celebrated. If you visit Coorg during any of these events, don’t miss to go Golden Temple of Tibetan Buddhists. 

Omkareshwar Temple

The Omkareshwar temple is in the town of Madikeri in Coorg. King Lingarajendra built this temple in 1820 to worship Lord Shiva. There are many lord Shiva temples in India, but this is special due to its architectural richness. Omkareshwar temple is a mixture of Gothic and Islamic architectural styles. If you want to attend the early morning offerings of this temple then reach by 05:00 am. It is when the priests do pooja. 

Talakaveri Temple

Talakaveri Temple is a famous pilgrimage site in Coorg. It is believed that the river Kaveri originated from this place. According to the legends, river Kaveri first emerged in a tank where currently the temple is formed. Later it disappeared and originated from some distance away. Near this tank, a temple of the goddess Kaveriamma is situated, where people come to give their offerings. Notably, this temple is situated at a height of 1,276 meters above sea level. 

Coorg is famous for its Coffee Plantation, Greenery, and waterfalls. You will connect to nature in this beautiful city of Karnataka. Even various hotels and resorts in Coorg are filled with the City’s natural attractions. More places where you can witness the natural beauty of Coorg are Madikeri Fort, Iruppu Falls, St. Mark’s Church, Mercara Fort, Brahmagiri, Nisargadhama, etc.

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