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The role and need for advertisements in today’s world

Today is the age of advertisements. In the marketing and digital age, they are one of the best tools out there. They play a significant role in one’s life. An advertisement or ad is something that draws one’s attention towards things people are selling or marketing. It is mainly designed by an advertising company to sponsor or brand. It is then made public by various media agencies. They appear on tv, radio, newspapers, social media apps such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. They also appear on billboards.

Advertising is also needed for the customers or potential clients. It can help individuals or companies to know the competitors and then plan accordingly to meet the level of competition that is there in the market. It helps in making people aware of the current product so that the clients can come and try the product.

The evolution of advertising has seen some major milestones over the many years, as had to adapt and change to the need of new mediums and audiences repeatedly. Most importantly, it has become much more personalized throughout changes. One platform that has had the biggest impact on the history of advertising and personalization of the ads is the internet. It can collect billions of people all across the globe.

Advertising has become very big now. The revolution started when it came to the radio and television in the early 20th century. People used to it speak to people directly through the radios and TVs, it became more personalized. Then social media emerged and altered the movement completely. Ads became larger and wider in number. Ads, therefore, have become a very important part of our lives. To imagine our life would be difficult without them.

Advertisements can be seen as a source of information. Many advertisements, especially public service announcements present innovations and technological achievements that can offer people a good learning chance to the child. For instance, the education sector has constantly made use of the ads. The mobile teacher app has become one of the major points for advertisements. Children and students are making use of the apps for advancing growth and learning. Live video call is also used to connect the teachers and the students.

They can also educate the child about the new products that have been launched in the market.

Healthy food choices can be advertised the right way to make the child choose more balanced eating habits. Certain ads for example about hygiene products (soaps, sanitisers) can eventually help in inculcating the good habits in the child.

Ads may also have encouraging content that will encourage children to choose a lifestyle or chase a specific goal. They can also help them in developing a passion for the goal and make them work towards it from a young age.

Ads that showcase other children of a similar age involved in the activities like helping out the mother in the house can influence the kids to do the same. Many ads that carry content related to social change can help in promoting empathy and a sense of responsibility towards the groups in children.

Certain ads talk about environmental protection and health care as well. This generates awareness among young children and adults.  Advertisements that provide caution, for instance, the ads that reveal the results of alcohol and smoking can help young kids understand the risks related to it, and request them to stay clear of such products.


The role of social media has been immense especially in the past few decades. It has become an integral part of one’s life. They have had a positive impact on everyone’s life and this is going to be the case in the coming years as well. This has to be seen as a revolution that has altered people’s lives. The negative impacts of social media should also be kept in the notice. For instance, certain ads target a vulnerable audience and have a very negative impact on the mindset of people. With caution, this can easily be altered.

Ads are being used for awareness than what was the case some years ago. This has greatly altered the market and altered the lives of millions of people across the globe.

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