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Advancements in the Plumbing Industry

If you are a plumber knowing new plumbing products and technologies, can help your business tremendously. After all, knowing what trends and demands are, you can offer these new plumbing products to your clients. 

Just like in other industries, plumbing witnesses some technological improvements that affect how plumbers carry out installations and repairs. The following are some of the most significant plumbing advances brought by Frisco Plumbing Services.

Automatic Toilets and Faucets

Hand-free toilets and faucets have been very common in many establishments across the country for some years. Recently, manufacturers have made automated toilets and faucets perfect for homes. They are great because they restrain water output, save money, and conserve the environment. Faucets work by sensors also minimize the spread of germs because people do not need to touch the handles.

Power Flushing

It is also referred to as hydro jetting. A new technology that makes plumbing more comfortable. It diffuses high-pressure water through pipes, drains, and sewer lines to unclog the blockages that cannot be done with plungers. It keeps plumbers from needing time-consuming ways to clear out the clogs in the pipes.

Greywater Systems

The making of a greywater system is one of the more important ways of improving water conservation in plumbing. Generally, water from showers is not reused, which can become a waste when people take a shower for a long time. This system reuses the water from the shower sink and the like. Studies show that even if the water has been used; still, it is safe and clean.

Low Flow Toilets

They were created and administered to venues years ago. They are made to save water by letting the user pick options that use less water to flush if a power flush is not needed. Yet, people claimed that they could not successfully flush down solid waste. Responding to the issue, plumber experts have used advances that have made low-flow toilets more efficient. Now, they are as effective as a traditional toilet. 

Smart Shower

The smart showers showcase offers diversity in technologies not given by traditional showers. For instance, you can precisely control the temperature, either through a digital panel or a smartphone app. You can turn the smart shower off using an app or by voice. You can also change the water spray by pressing a switch button. 

Smart showers offer leisure that standard showers cannot beat. Unlike other plumbing technologies, like tankless water heaters that you buy for practical reasons, smart showers are purely leisure. 

Leak Detectors

Another advance in the plumbing industry is the leak detector. Much similar to smoke detectors, leak detectors alert you where there is a water leak. You can manually place these leak detectors where leaks usually occur and alert you if it happens. 

There are two major concerns when it comes to buying a leak detection unit. The first concern is the most obvious, which is the damage caused by flooding. Homeowners are concerned that a pipe might leak or burst and want to avoid as much damage and costs as possible. Therefore, they want a leak detection unit in their houses. 

The second concern is the cost of leaking pipes. Over time, the costs of water loss can add up and increase. To prevent such expenses, homeowners want to locate the leaks as soon as they occur. 

Tankless Water Heaters

They are designed to make plumbing more eco-friendly. Tankless water heaters are created to only heat water when it is needed instead of automatically. It saves a notable amount of water.

Plumbing advancements continue to improve with the rest of the contemporary houses; it will be thrilling to see how comfortable the bathroom gets as the years pass by. I can visualize a time when homeowners can customize the bathroom settings of their homes. Shower times and temperatures will be programmable to suit the demands of each family member; smart toilets will determine the weight of the user and adjust the temperature and water levels. It is for individuals who do not like using splash. Even the lighting inside the bathroom can be adjustable based on facial recognition and sends this information to the lighting device. Some homeowners prefer dimmer bathroom lighting, some like brighter bathroom lighting. Each individual has a preference when it comes to their bathroom. Modern plumbing systems and plumbers are open to plumbing improvements as they are ready to give our lives comfort and convenience from this day and forward. 

At Lex’s Plumbing, we never stop learning new plumbing techniques and ways to improve the lives of our customers- using modern equipment and with our skilled plumbers. We can make sure to provide you with quality and better plumbing solutions to any plumbing problems. Call us today! 

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