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4 Fun Ways to Redecorate Your Apartment

Apartments are one of the best home living arrangements available, especially for college graduates and retirees. Gone are the responsibilities of homeownership, maintenance costs, and property taxes. 

But, then again, apartment living means there are restrictions on how much redecorating you’re allowed to do. As such, you’ll need to use your creativity to make sure your apartment continues to resonate with that “dream space” feeling. 

Here are some fun ways to redecorate your apartment.

Use What You Already Own

In your apartment, you may already own numerous items to use for decorating or wall art. For instance, consider your collection of baskets that you can arrange on a wall in the kitchen. Or, how about the vintage hats that once belonged to your grandmother? Arrange a centerpiece by stacking books at different heights on your bedroom dresser. Old bottles or perfume decanters also make for fun décor for your bathroom shelves but don’t overdo it. Additionally, hanging pots and pans in a staggered pattern on the wall of your kitchen also serves two purposes adding a decorative touch while creating more space in your cabinets.

Light Up the Room

There are thousands of lamp designs you can choose from to add charm to a room and provide some much-needed lighting to dark corners. If you’re redesigning your apartment with a certain theme in mind, be sure to shop at vintage outlets and lamp retailers. You’ll also find one-of-a-kind deals at thrift stores and used furniture warehouses. Floor lamps fit nicely in corners, and some designs offer adjustable heights that you can customize for your space. Additionally, table lamps provide a soft glow to a room and create an ambiance that makes staying home worth it.

Create an Accent Wall

Check with your landlord first, but if you have permission to make some aesthetic changes, consider painting one or more walls. Alternatively, you can also use removable wallpaper to create a focal point or hang wall art prints that complement your apartment’s theme and style. Other ideas include creating a gallery wall for grouping family and friend photos. Conversely, perhaps you want to show off your travel adventures. If that’s the case, you can dedicate an entire section and make it a storyline that you and guests can enjoy viewing when they visit. You’ll also love the conversation that’s certain to spawn from the display of your travels.

Add Some Area Rugs

If you’ve become bored with the floor design in your apartment, consider adding some area rugs. These decorative additions come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, and with some extra planning, you can coordinate window curtains to match your color scheme. Extra-large rugs in a living room with tile or wood floors give the room a cozy and comfortable feel that you’ll enjoy after a long workday. Bath rugs don’t have to be boring when you shop for small, decorative versions that can function as both aesthetic appeal and an easy way to soak up water or spills.  

You’ve Done the Hard Work — Now It’s Time to Relax

Redecorating your apartment can be a fun-filled project when you consider these and other tips. Don’t forget to add throw pillows that complement your rugs, colour scheme, and furniture. Splurge on wall art or add repurposed furniture for a vintage feel. Ultimately, the fresh, updated look of your place is certain to boost your mood and provide a new level of comfort that you’ll enjoy for months or years to come.


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