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4 of the Best Home Decorating Tips

If you’re planning on redecorating soon, you’re not alone. Over 70 percent of Americans are planning on redecorating this year. We suspect that it’s due to them staying home during the COVID pandemic, and realizing some flaws in their design that they want to fix up.

Whatever your reason is for home decoration, it’s always useful to have the best home decorating tips in your pocket. This article will walk you through a couple of basic home decorating tips that will bring new levels of sophistication, class, and aesthetic to your home.

1. Re-Think Your Colors

Many people are so antsy to decorate the new home that they pick whichever color is available to the first and ask questions later. However, after years, it can become apparent when the color scheme you picked just doesn’t work out.

Study color theory, and make yourself aware of the many options you have beyond colors that look alike. Understand that you can create a “complementary” color look that fuses two different colors that serve to enhance each other.

You also need to think about overtones. Just because two colors seem like they’d go together, doesn’t mean it’s necessarily so. A color with a warm overtone will clash with color with cool overtones.

2. Consider the Light

Any painter could tell you that color and light are linked together in their importance to design. The amount of light a room receives, and which direction said light comes from can influence the overtones of your room, and make your colors look off.

Ask yourself if every room in your house needs any more light. Also, ask yourself if there are any superfluous lights that your house would just look better without. Sometimes with lights, less is more.

3. Decorate the Smell

When working on redecoration, it can be easy to fall into the trap of only caring about the way your home looks. However, your home’s smell can be just as important to making sure your home shines. Air freshener can be nice, but it doesn’t really get to the heart of the matter.

Buy yourself a great scent diffuser, and your house will always be full of the refreshing scent of essential oils. This will get you ready for every day and help inspire you to conquer the world.

4. Fill Up the Walls

Has your home started to feel drab and boring after a number of years of living there? Festoon your walls with posters, paintings, and personality pieces to bring your house back to life. Anyone within the home will practically be able to feel the life and personality radiating from your walls, and will greatly appreciate it.

Understand the Best Home Decorating Tips

When it comes to the best home decorating tips, it doesn’t get much better than rethinking your colors, considering the light, decorating the smell, and filling up the walls. Once you put these tactics into place, you’re far more likely to enjoy the space that you call home.

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