How To Create Art With Meaning In An AI World

Over the last couple of years, it feels like the conversation surrounding AI has ramped up a few gears. While at one point, having robots that could learn and think for themselves felt like a far-off concept, AI is now a very real thing that has the potential to completely change the way we go about our everyday lives.

While there are, of course, many benefits to this type of tech development, there are also negatives that cannot be ignored. This is especially true in the field of creativity. In the art world, for instance, AI has the power to completely take over and destroy the need for human artists – if people allow it to do so.

So if you’re an artist in 2023, what exactly can you do to counteract what could be quite a concerning future? Here are five ways to create art with meaning in a world that is becoming more algorithmic

Create Philosophical And Religious Art

AI understands many things, but it will never have a concept of inner meaning, spiritualism, or religion. No matter how complex or how simple, religious art always holds great meaning, and it can speak to people on a different level. 

Just look at this example from the israeli centre of judaica and art – would AI be able to create a depiction of a Hasidic dance on the Western Wall? Would it be able to invoke the same emotions? The answer is no because only humans understand the religious context and meaning.

Create Personal Art That Draws From Experience

Leading on from that, it’s always important to create art that comes from personal experience. In 2023, the art market has become more and more difficult to maneuver, and this will only be emancipated by AI. 

But it’s important to avoid following the crowd and creating things that you think people want to see because another thing that AI cannot do is draw from personal experience. AI is a machine, not a human, so it can only observe and not feel. In this way, any time you draw from personal experience, you are doing something that AI cannot, which means you will always have an advantage.

Continue To Experiment With Styles

When honing your artistic skills, make sure that you experiment and try to do things differently. Machine learning AI has the ability to learn and constantly make improvements. Make sure you analyze your work, but go one better than AI by trying different things and not simply building upon what you’ve got. AI will always struggle to try new things and experiment with original styles. 

Another way you can do this is by looking at the world differently. Unlike AI, you have the opportunity to explore the world, take everything in, and formulate a deeper meaning. Come up with your own opinions, your own perceptions, and then note them down to apply them to your art. For all its abilities, AI will never be able to explore the world, breathe in the air, and think about how it feels. This is the point of difference that will ensure AI never takes over human art.

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