How to Become a Tattoo Artist

Are you an artistic individual who likes small and colorful canvases? Or are you a lover of large ink and fascinated by the art of tattooing?

It’s a massive market for the latest and greatest in the tattooing world. Some of the highest-paid tattoo artists in the country have even made books about their work.

How do you become a tattoo artist? Is tattooing a practical career choice? Read on to learn all about becoming a tattoo artist and how to get paid to inkin’!

Gather Necessary Tools

Essential equipment includes a tattoo machine, power supply, foot pedal, clip cord, needles, inks, plastic supplies, and various holders and containers. Tattoo machines are the primary tool of the trade. They are used to inject pigment into the dermal layer of the skin.

A power supply, foot pedal, and clip cord are necessary to power the machine. Needles and inks are used to create the desired artwork. Plastic supplies and holders help keep everything clean and organized.

Research Tattoo Techniques

Research different tattooing techniques. This includes shading, line work, vectoring, freehand, and fine lines. Taking classes in tattooing or doing apprenticeships with seasoned professionals is a great way to learn the craft.

Establish a Safety Protocol for Sanitation

Start by purchasing medical-grade equipment and products. This includes single-use needles and paper towels. Ensure sterilization equipment complies with all local, state, and federal regulations.

Ensure all surfaces are always cleaned, sanitized, and sanitized between each client. Wear disposable gloves, face protection, and a face covering while performing each procedure.

Follow the correct protocols when disposing of biohazardous materials such as needles and ink bottles.

Attend a Tattoo Apprenticeship

Apprenticeship programs offer aspiring tattoo artists the opportunity to learn and practice their craft professionally and responsibly. During the program, you will learn about the basics of art and design and the practical aspects of tattooing, like safety, hygiene, and skin care. You may also find a tattoo school online for your convenience.

Apprenticeships allow you to network with experienced artists and build relationships with potential customers. You can also gain a better understanding of the industry and the expectations of clients.

Secure Professional Licensing

To become a tattoo licensing artist, you must be aware of all relevant regulations in the state you plan on working in. Fees vary depending on the availability of licenses, and you may be able to complete an introductory course unit under certain conditions.

All tattoo artists must pass a health and safety examination to understand all relevant health and hygiene regulations. Once you have obtained your license, you must abide by the rules and regulations in your particular state.

Learn to Become a Tattoo Artist

To become a tattoo artist, you must hone your craft, gain the necessary tattoo artist certification, an apprentice with an experienced artist, and create an impressive portfolio. Start by reading this article to get a strong foundation and further understand how to become a tattoo artist.

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