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Enhancing Your Digital Persona: How To Become Popular Online

In the current modern era we live in, it’s never been easier to gain a mass amount of interest and attention online with the aid of various social media and media applications which provide a massive amount of exposure. 

With the introduction of TikTok, attracting views and followers has never been easier, as the algorithms for the ‘For You’ page can naturally promote anyone on the app that returns a high amount of engagement and becoming an online personality has never been more popular, especially for younger age groups. 

Captivating An Audience Has Never Been Easier

Decades ago, many wouldn’t have been able to foresee how simple it could be to share your content with thousands with little to no marketing or effort needed. TikTok provides a platform where a simple 30 second clip can make people immediately famous, showing your clip to millions just based on how liked the content is. 

The application has produced many influencers during its’ heyday and many of them are known for a unique clip, dance, act or even down to someone’s laugh. Using a simple concoction of hashtags, it’s relatively simple to optimise your choices to maximise the possibility of hundreds of thousands, even millions of users to see your videos.

Streaming and being an online personality now place amongst the most sought-after job roles across the US, UK and throughout Europe, and it’s for a reason. Streaming is not a new venture and is already incredibly popular, with streamers with large followings creating exciting content surrounding playing online casino games, live table games, and intense tournaments in poker and gaming. These popular public figures amass huge followings of millions, putting out highly demanded content and leveraging self-branding strategies. 

Creating Imagery for Your Brand 

We’re currently in a wonderful age for technology and there are various sites and applications that aid your online image. For example, there are hundreds of free or extremely cheap creative software sites online to utilise for any brand and making a logo, introductory clip or banners for your landing pages has never been easier. 

Laying the foundation for your brand is a very important step and something as small as a colour scheme on your profile picture can allow the user to memorise your page or clips and make them familiar when coming across that content once more. 

Controversy Draws Attention

What many may fail to understand is that by being controversial, or even extremely unique, draws more attention that something as straightforward as a dance would. People enjoy something controversial, something to not only draw their attention, but grab it with both hands. 

There are thousands of content creators across the globe that use techniques in order to almost demand the attention of the user. For example, situations or settings that are tense, scary or something that’s uncontrollably funny are all great ways to attract eyes to your videos and page. 

Many online influencers recognise what drives views and things many would create a scenario in which gets the users interested in their content and would split this idea into multiple parts, so the user is immediately interested, but would have to follow, like or watch the clip numerous times to have the next clip or instalment of it shown upon the next release. 

Collaborations Are Key

Many influencers and online personalities recognise the fact that collaborating with other channels and or people is a great way to attract more eyes to both parties. Typically, someone looking to become an online personality would be aware of their audience and content and then partner or collaborate with those who share the same style of content. 

In order to play into the applications algorithm, it’s important to identify the content that may not reach the amount of people you would like and to maximise your chances of this it’s notably important to take advantage of similar pages or people and it’s very likely they feel the same, so connecting with those other channels should be a simple step.

Trial And Error 

Many who try and fail to become online personalities, will attempt a handful of trends, such as dances or similar-style videos to top videos of the day, week or month. Unfortunately, many will throw in the towel early thinking it’s too difficult to attract the amount of attention needed to thrive in these online platforms. 

Perseverance is key in making it one one of these apps and if something doesn’t work, you can try again, changing small details, or simply follow current trends. While becoming a huge online hit isn’t as simple as following trends, the initial key factor is drawing eyes and then captivating your audience immediately after. 

Once some followers have been acquired and your views are at a level you’re comfortable with, then is the time to start rolling out the unique ideas that set you apart from the crowd.

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