5 Ways Distance Learning Can Help Grow Your Career

We live in a rapidly evolving and dynamic world, and this makes it more important than ever to stay competitive in the job market through the pursuit of lifelong learning.

In recent years, distance learning has become an increasingly popular option for those looking to advance their careers, despite other commitments that they might have.

Whether you’re seeking to upskill in your current career or discover new job opportunities at other companies, distance learning has a wide range of benefits.

So, if you’re considering taking the next step in your education, here are just five ways that distance learning can help you grow your career.

1. Flexibility for a Better Work/Life/Education Balance

One of the most obvious advantages of distance learning is that it provides you with a huge amount of flexibility. When you have the ability to set your own study schedule, you can better balance your education with your work and personal commitments.

You can customize your study schedule around your work hours and other responsibilities, and this makes it easier to gain new skills or qualifications without negatively impacting your current job.

Time management is essential, and if you struggle to stay on top of your tasks, then apps such as Todoist can help you to keep tighter control over your time.

2. Personalise Your Learning

With distance learning, you have the ability to study while you remain in your career, giving you a fantastic opportunity to personalize your learning to your current company.

With distance learning, you can apply your new knowledge to your career from day one, include real-world examples in your assignments, and ask questions that are specifically relevant to your career path.

Unlike with more traditional courses, you don’t have to wait until you graduate to find out what will and won’t be relevant to you.

3. More Cost Effective

Typically, traditional higher education can be more expensive than distance learning, both in terms of tuition fees and commuting costs.

When you opt for distance learning, you can significantly reduce the financial burden that is often associated with advancing your education and learning.

Plus, depending on your circumstances, just like with traditional educational paths you could be eligible for student finance, helping you cover the cost of your learning and make education more accessible.

4. Opportunities to Network

On the surface, it may seem like distance learning isolates you from your fellow students and lectures, however, most universities offer access to discussion forums, and interactive webinars, and highly encourage you to interact with your instructors and fellow students.

Networking through distance learning can provide you with access to a global community of professionals and experts, as well as other students whose perspectives could differ from your own. These connections can become instrumental to your career growth, and open doors to both job opportunities and industry insights.

5. Wide Range of Course Options

With distance learning, you have the opportunity to access a diverse range of course options, meaning that you can tailor your education to your individual career goals.

Expert distance learning providers such as Anglia Ruskin University offer a wide selection of degree options including Educational Leadership and Management MBA that can help you take your career to the next level.

Have you used distance learning to advance your career? Share your experiences in the comments below!

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