6 Areas To Start Focusing On For Healthy Fertility

Deciding to start a family is a big step to take, and it is likely to be something into which you have put a great deal of thought and consideration. Once you have made the decision there is a sense of joy and excitement that will not be matched until the arrival of your little bundle of joy. However, for some couples, the road to that moment can be a little more emotional and complicated than they had at first anticipated. Many couples encounter fertility issues when trying to start a family and they often turn to a fertility clinic like Cryos International in order to help them to realise their dreams. Here we take a look at three areas to start focusing on for healthy fertility whilst you are arranging your first appointment with a specialist and preparing to take the first step on your journey to parenthood. 

1. Visit the dentist

Poor dental hygiene and gum disease has been linked to lower rates of fertility and trouble conceiving, so it is important to book yourself in for a check-up in order to ensure that your teeth and oral health do not cause a barrier when you are trying to conceive. 

2. Stop smoking

Studies have shown that smoking can reduce both male and female fertility rates, so kicking the habit is a must when it comes to trying to conceive. Plus, the presence of second-hand smoke during pregnancy can have harmful effects on your baby. 

3. Map ovulation

Knowing when you ovulate is important when you are looking to conceive as it will help you to understand when you are most fertile, and therefore when you are most likely to be able to get pregnant. This information is key when you are preparing to start fertility treatment. 

4. Stop drinking alcohol

As with smoking, alcohol has been proven to affect fertility, and you should consider limiting – if not cutting completely – the amount of alcohol you drink whilst trying to conceive.

5. Maintain a healthy weight

Healthy Fertility

Being over or underweight can have a significant impact on your chances of conceiving and on the positive impact of fertility treatment. Changing your diet and adapting your exercise regime will help you to maintain a healthy weight and increase the impact of fertility treatment and the rates of your natural fertility. Following a healthy diet and exercise regime will also help you to maintain a positive mental attitude during your fertility journey.  

6. Reduce stress levels

The stress of everyday life, together with the stress associated with fertility issues, can be difficult to deal with. It can also have an effect on levels of fertility and conception rates. Make sure that you make time to be together as a couple and free from talk of your pregnancy and fertility. Engage in activities such as mediation and yoga in order to help relieve stress. And, more than anything, remember that there is help at hand when it comes to addressing and combating your fertility issues and turning your dream of becoming parents into a reality. 

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