Sleeping with wet hair: advantageous for health or not?

Sleeping with wet hair

Have you ever noticed that most people feel tired at night and they take shower before going to the bed? Certainly yes! They have been told by their Grandmother or by their mother that it will help them feel calm.

No doubt, it really assists, but on the other hand, sleeping with wet hair has more cones than pros.

It not only makes you feel cold but can also make you severely ill. We have consulted many doctors to come about the facts that will really shock you. Probably, you would not be aware of that before reading this helpful article.

Why do people sleep with wet hair?

It may be due to certain reasons and factors as well. First and Foremost, it usually begins with your hectic routine. Like, you get up early in the morning to go job or you have to drop your children at school or somewhere else. At that time, you don’t have enough time to pay attention to yourself. 

What do you do in such a situation? Maybe you would be taking shower at the night before going to the bed to save time in the morning. Yes, and it is even possible that you would be sleeping with wet hair.

Furthermore, it can happen that your day was terrifying and you are flagging at the night. Obviously, you’d like to feel good. Nothing to do at that time, and you will start taking shower, perhaps, it will make you feel better.

Although, it is good until that time when you have taken shower. But, if you are sleeping with wet hair without drying them then rest assured it is goanna bad for your health.

Risks of sleeping with wet hair:

With the consultancy of many doctors, I’m good to explain several risks of sleeping with wet hair which is given below.

  • It will make you sick:

 If you are taking shower at the night and going to the bed without drying your hair, it can make you ill. If it’s winter or you are sleeping in an air-conditioned room then certainly, sleeping with wet hair will put you in sickness.

To avoid this irritating situation, go and dry your hair or sit at a warm place unless your body feels normal or directly sit in a blanket. These are nice ways, that will make you feel good and prevent you from getting ill.

  • Severe hair breakage:

Did you ever notice? Wet hair can break more easily rather than dry hair? “Hair is at its weakest when it’s wet. The main risk is breakage of hair when tossing and turning while sleeping,” said Dr. Adarsh Vijay Mudgil. He is a specialist in dermatology, serving in New York.

Besides, this problem exists especially in women because they have long hair and long hair means long tension in the hair shafts, which gets active when they are wet.

If you can’t help to make them dry, then the best thing you can do is leave them down. This is how your hair can be saved from sharp hair breakage.

  • Bacterial attack:

There is the usual term that we have heard from our school that a combination of dampness and dry place results in the production of bacteria.

So, if you are sleeping with wet hair on the bed, heat from your releasing your body and your wet hair will be the cause of bacterial infection.

Keep in your mind that bacteria will be immersed in your pillow or the form of your bed which will be there for a longer period of time.

  • Dull hair:

Dull hair is also one of the biggest risk factors. Wet hair looks perfect till the time they are wet. When they get dry over time, you observe that they are losing their shine.

The same happens in that case too, when you are just sleeping with drying the hair or without applying any conditioner it makes your hair dull till the morning. The reason is, they don’t get specific oils or nutrients which must be applied after taking shower.

  • Dandruff:

Dandruff, in other words, it’s good to say that the enemy of strong hairs. Taking the observation, one will come to know that it happens usually when you are not drying your hair properly. Little moisture in hair results in dandruff.

Sleeping with drenched hair will take oil away from your hair which gets soaked in the pillow or the bedsheet. Such a big problem who would like to fight with dandruff?

  • Hair Loss:

 Would you like to be bald at a young age? Then stop sleeping with damp hair. Yes, it is true. Wet hair will cause friction in your hair when getting friction with your pillow.

Nothing is more frustrating than dealing with hair loss, regardless of age or gender. To avoid this, make sure you dry your hair before sleeping otherwise, get ready to see hair loss in the early morning. If you keep on doing this continuously, then the situation can be worst too. 

  • Difficult to comb:

One of the guanine reasons that a number of people face every day while combing their hair. As we all know when the hair is wet, not being dried at that time, sleeping can twist them into strange curls. 

Then there comes only a solution to spend a lot of time to straighten them. Either you can use a little water to make them smooth or you can use healing tools. These ways can be hurting for hair and cause hair to lose.

How to manage: if you have to sleep with wet hair:

If you can’t help drying your hair then, there are certain ways to avoid consequences.

Use conditioner:

Conditioner is considered a good way to avoid friction, strange twists, and curls.

They are actually chemically formed but can allow you to sleep with wet hair. For some people, this method is not compatible with their hair but some other ways are also there.

 Silk pillow:

Using a silk pillow is very beneficial for such people. Evidence and explanation also support this idea. On the flip side, it’s a very economical way for all.

This method also does the same work as reducing friction. The silk pillow is very soft and has the power to absorb water. When you use this it does not affect your hair even if you are sleeping with wet hair.                          

Coconut oil:

Another healthy way is to use coconut oil which basically prevents hair tightness ultimately, good to prevent hair breakage.

This oil assists to reduce the amount of water to absorb. For some people it can be allergic so, if you are allergic to this, avoid using this oil.


Sleeping with wet hair can be harmful to you, but try your best to avoid this situation.

A number of ways are also there if you have slept with wet hair. Some are allergic ways others may not for all. In nutshell, from all results, it is good to say that sleeping with wet hair has more coons than pros.       

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