5 Tips For An Easier Nighttime Routine

Perfectly curated nighttime routine videos have likely been all over your social media feed. The content creators and their aesthetically pleasing regimes seem to have it all together. You’ve probably tried time and time again to get into a groove before hitting the hay with little to no luck.

Most people have attempted a nighttime routine at some point or another. Whether they had success or not could very well have boiled down to what it entailed. Lengthy, complex nightly rituals are a recipe for inconsistency. Luckily, there are tips and tricks to establish a more efficient evening regime. Here are five ways to simplify your nighttime routine.

1. Invest in a Birth Control Ring

If you’re a person with a period, birth control may be an essential part of your nighttime routine. Many people who take birth control pills even have alarms reminding them to take it at a certain time, often before bed. Remembering to take your birth control is a top priority to increase effectiveness, but what if you didn’t have to remember it each night? A birth control ring is a great hack for this, while still being just as effective.

Birth control rings are 99% effective with perfect use. And, just like other hormonal birth control, it contains the perfect cocktail for pregnancy prevention: estrogen and progestin. These work together to help stop ovulation, which prevents eggs from being fertilized. If remembering to take your pills feels burdensome each night, consider switching to a birth control ring to simplify your routine.

2. Simplify Your Skin Care

Videos all over TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube are full of lengthy step-by-step regimes claiming the best skin care regime. While having an elaborate skincare routine is great, it is not always in the cards for busy bees. Simplifying your product lineup can increase your consistency and make your routine easier. 

In fact, skin care only needs three essential steps: cleansing, toning, and moisturizing. These should be tailored toward your skin type and your specific needs. Whether your face is oily, dry, acne-prone, or generally sensitive — there are products to help your skin glow without going overboard. Cutting down on the amount of skin care products you use not only saves time in your evening but also money. And who doesn’t like the sound of that?

3. Take Advantage of Thermostat Timers

Like most people, you may have a very specific temperature you fall asleep to every single night. And nothing is worse than getting cozy in bed and realizing you forgot to change the thermostat settings. Rather than having to remember to do this each evening, taking advantage of a thermostat timer can be a great hack. This feature saves time and money.

If your current heating/cooling system does not have a programmable timer, don’t fret. There are many programmable timers that are easy to purchase online. And using them is as simple as it sounds, just set the temperature and the time for it to start. This helps you get ready for bed without even having to lift a finger. Who doesn’t love a “set it and forget it” hack?

4. Use a Bedside Water Dispenser or Carafe

For those who can’t go to sleep without a glass of water on their nightstand, this one’s for you. Rather than taking trips to the kitchen to get your nightly H2O, you can invest in a bedside water dispenser. With this and your water glass one reach away, it simplifies yet another step in your nightly routine. 

These can be found online, and they are extremely easy to assemble. Simply put the dispenser in your preferred spot and plug the small hose into the water jug. If you like to keep your bedside tidy, you can tuck away the water jug so it’s out of the way and unseen. Because these are electric, they typically come with a charger as well. If you prefer a more manual approach, there are plenty of stylish water carafes to choose from. Having more water near your bedside can simplify your bedtime routine, and it makes morning hydration easier too.

5. Utilize Your Phone’s Nighttime Settings

When considering your bedtime routine, it’s extremely important to avoid screen use before bed. To do this, many people choose to avoid watching TV or scrolling on their phones as they wind down. However, if you’re an Apple or Android user, your phone comes with nighttime settings that can help you wind down. This is another easy “set it and forget it” method to simplify your pre-sleep schedule. 

The nighttime settings on smartphones adjust the color of light on your screen. It removes the blue light to help your body adjust for nighttime, which can help you sleep better. Sometimes you can even turn off your notifications. To do this, you can go to the settings on your phone and schedule a time for it to begin each evening. Switching to this “do not disturb” setting is a simple way to make your nighttime regime consistent and effortless. 

Time to Prepare for Your Zzz’s with Ease

Nighttime routines are not one-size-fits-all. It often takes time to figure out what works for you, and it takes even longer to stay consistent. However, no matter what your regime consists of, there are likely ways to make it easier. Maybe it’s investing in a bedside water dispenser; maybe it’s utilizing a thermostat timer. No matter which hacks you choose, you’re on your way to a more peaceful snooze. 

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