How To Improve Your Quality Of Sleep In 2022 

To improve your quality of sleep this year, you need to pinpoint areas in your life that may be causing sleep disturbances. You may not necessarily struggle with sleep issues like insomnia or sleep apnea, but you may be taking up lifestyle habits that negatively contribute to your sleep. This article covers how to improve your sleep quality so you can get the shuteye you need. 

Prepare Your Environment

A big part of getting enough sleep is creating a relaxing sleep environment. If you don’t feel comfortable in your room, it will be difficult to fall asleep without some level of agitation or stress. Take time to prepare your room. 

Incorporate soft materials like Layla bedding and organic cotton pillowcases. Add some aromatherapy elements, such as essential oil diffusers or pillow spray, for an additional soothing effect. The more soothing you make your sleep environment, the easier it will be for you to drift off peacefully. 

Do A Sleep-inducing Activity 

For some people, reading a few pages of a book is enough to get sleepy. For others, a cup of tea is necessary before sleep. Figure out what helps induce feelings of sleepiness in you and then carry out these practices consistently to develop good sleep hygiene. The more you utilize these practices, the faster your mind will learn to associate them with getting ready for sleep. 

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Journal Your Thoughts

For people with difficulty sleeping due to worries and thoughts occupying their minds, a good sleep practice is to journal your thoughts and feelings before bed. Keep a journal and a pen by your bedside and write down everything you think and feel. 

By getting all of this out of your mind, you’ll have freed up mental space for sleep and relaxation. You can make journaling a nightly routine practice and help teach your brain that this is an activity you do to prepare for sleep. 

Take A Bath

Warm water is soothing and can help you wind down before bed. You might spend time in the bathtub listening to soothing music before it’s time for sleep. Helping the body wind down is an effective way to get your mind to follow. 

If you don’t have time for a bath, take a hot shower or place a warm compress on your forehead before bed. The small rituals you take up can make a big difference in your overall quality of sleep. 

Set An Intention

Set the intention for yourself that you are going to fall asleep. Do not put pressure on yourself to fall asleep. Just will your mind to fall asleep and allow it to happen naturally. 

Sometimes, what keeps us up is the anticipation and worry about falling asleep. If we let ourselves off the hook, we can fall asleep with less stress and ultimately achieve our goal. 

Wear A Sleep Mask

Some people need to be in a very dark room to drift off. If external light prevents you from getting the sleep you need, wear a sleep mask that blocks out light. You can also consider blackout shades or curtains to further reduce the light you are exposed to. 

Turn over your smartphone and other electronics so that the light does not shine through there as well. You should feel like your room is a warm, dark cave—the less light, the better your sleep.  

The Bottom Line

To improve your sleep in 2022, consider the above suggestions. Don’t let worry and external light keep you up. Take up effective sleep strategies that allow you to get the good night’s sleep you truly need and deserve.

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