What is the scope of HR courses in Ireland?

Human resource management sits at the heart of any organisation and refers to the management and engagement with its employees. Successful organisations need talented and satisfied employees and HR managers are responsible for ensuring that employees are well-invested within the company.

With any company requiring at least one HR professional, building a background in HR management can be a wise thing to do. If you are interested in HR courses in Ireland, you should also know more about the scope of HR management in the country and the type of job opportunities you would be able to secure in this domain.

Let’s dive into the scope of an HR management course in Ireland and the rest of the world.

What is the career scope of HR courses in Ireland?

Many reputed colleges and institutes in Ireland offer both beginner and advanced-level courses in HR management that can help you build a successful career in people management. Many of the programmes also offer placement assistance and career support services to help you secure the right job for yourself.

A career in HR can give you immense diversity in job roles as well as access to high-paying jobs. According to Jobs. ie, an HR manager in Ireland can earn around € 50,000 to €75,000 every year.

What are the types of career opportunities available for HR management graduates?

There are plenty of fascinating career roles distributed across different company operations. Depending on your interests and career aspirations, you can seek a job in payroll, talent recruitment, employee engagement or even learning and development.

Here are a few intriguing career roles that you can access as an HR management graduate.

  1. Chief HR officer: The role of a Chief HR officer lies in the top bracket of company management and is suitable for people who have advanced knowledge of HR techniques and key decision-makers. The role involves creating company work policies and strategies as well as contributing towards the development of organizational goals.
  2. HR director: HR Directors work under Chief HR officers to plan, coordinate and execute different HR policies. They help other HR professionals to handle labour disputes, hire suitable employees, take care of payroll issues and oversee their induction into the company.
  3. International HR manager: This role is great for HR professionals who want to travel across the world or want a global lifestyle. The role includes the same type of responsibilities as an HR director but in a global context.
  4. Training and development manager: These professionals are responsible for the professional growth and development of the employees. They conduct different learning and training programmes to improve the overall work efficiency and productivity within the company.

Other suitable HR roles include compensation and benefits manager, HR consultant, labour relations manager and an executive recruiter.

Investing in an HR management degree can also help you develop essential managerial and transferable skills like leadership and critical thinking which are important for a corporate career. Therefore, you should start your search for appropriate HR management courses today to have a successful career in the corporate world.

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