10 myths about online short courses in London

There are a lot of rumours going around the globe regarding virtual classroom learning.  The majority of the myths are related to online learning protocols not being similar to classroom learning.

We are here today to debunk all the myths revolving around the authenticity of online learning and help you get a clear idea regarding the wider speculations. If you have countless questions on your mind I’m worried about the school board or an online degree, then you have landed on the right page!

We’ve curated this blog post to debunk the Myths regarding the authenticity of online degrees, and the primary reasons why you should choose to learn online short courses in London.

Myth1: it is just temporary

Online short-term courses prepare you for the current occupation and that of the future.

Myth 2: Technology is tough

Most candidates consider taking an online class from a foreign university to be a hassle, which is not even true remotely. The digital learning platforms are so easily accessible that even students who are not fond of technology can use them to attend classes and join discussion forums.

Myth 3: the teaching is not as dedicated

Online course curricula are designed carefully to help with your comprehensive personal and professional development. This is particularly important during any time of global pandemic or recession when undergoing a full-time degree might not be possible for every individual.

Myth 4: not suitable for differently abled students

Candidates with special needs are provided with one-on-one sessions, to help them better analyse different life skills that can help take their careers forward.

Myth 5: personal attention is not given by the tutor

Teachers are supposed to hold virtual meetings with students very frequently to learn about their struggles and address issues immediately.

Myth 6: only theory based subjects can be learned

Online learning not only helps students acquire industry-relevant and interpersonal skills by teaching them the core concepts but also provides them with practical training.

Myth 7: difficult to connect with the teachers

Online learning programmes allow students today to stay in touch with their academic counsellors and teachers via zoom calls.

Myth 8: increases screen time

Online courses allow you to study both from here digital gadgets as well as offline materials.

Myth 9: students can lose their interest

Online short-term programmes can only make the learning process more interesting each day!

Myth 10: One-way communication

This is highly untrue because the accredited degrees offered by online learning platforms in London can prove to be beneficial for the betterment of your future career path.

Now that we have recorded some of the top minutes associated with online degrees, it is your turn to choose a short course from our website that is well suited to your lifestyle.

Whether you are a parent, fresh graduate, working professional or teacher, choosing London as your study abroad destination can help you upskill your way to the top of the corporate ladder. Sign up for a course today to learn more!

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