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Custom Web Design in Sydney: Creato’s Path to Online Excellence

You may think it is smart to pay for a templated website. Why? Because your website will be ready in a few hours. On the flip side, when you go to a custom website, it will take days. But hold on, a custom website may take a long, but it is guaranteed to bring you good results in the long run. 

Going for a templated website is nothing but a waste of money. On the other hand, choosing custom web design in Sydney helps you stand out from all your competitors in Sydney. If you are searching for a reliable custom web design agency in Sydney, no one can do it better than the experts at Creato.

Perks of Having a Custom Website

Around 38% of users will immediately exit the website if it isn’t attractive enough. On the other hand, 39% of users will stop engaging with the website if it takes too long to load. These may seem small, but they can greatly impact your online presence. And do you know why most of this happens? It happens mostly when you opt for a template or pre-designed website. 

Rather than wasting money on buying templates for website design, you should consider opting for custom websites. Custom websites designed by Sydney website designers will leverage your online presence. Here are some of the major perks you will receive by opting for a custom website:

Boost Your Brand

Every business is unique from others. The uniqueness of your brand is well established in the logo, scheme, and even the name. Another very important aspect that will help you differentiate yourself from your competitor brands is your website. 

When all the other aspects of your business are unique and true to your business model, why would you want the website to look like someone else’s? A custom website design will reflect your brand values on each page. Professionals designing a custom website care for everything from appearance to content. 

Optimize for Search

Many websites receive around 50% of the organic traffic through search engines. As businesses become dependent on these search engines, optimizing your website for search using SEO becomes imperative. While it can be tricky to do SEO on pre-designed websites, it is extremely easy for custom websites. 

Custom website development by professionals ensures that the website has all the necessary keywords, which will boost page appearance. You can integrate strong CTAs and high-quality copies, which can be important in gathering more traffic and ranking. 

Better Security

In the online world, security is a really important deal. Since your website will have a lot of crucial and confidential data, you can never compromise on the safety and security of your website. Google flags any website that does not have an SSL certificate. So, if your website doesn’t have it, you’ll likely suffer. 

Custom website development provides the option of integrating an SSL certificate on the website from the beginning. This will provide your users with a safe online experience, which will help in improving your ranking. If you use pre-existing templates, it can be tricky to ensure the security of your website. 

Improved User Experience

A custom website is a responsive website that can be integrated across all screen sizes. It can be difficult to make changes in the pre-existing and pre-designed templates. However, if you opt for a custom website, you can eventually improve your user experience. 

With a custom website, you can enhance the navigation, page speed, readability, and mobile optimization that can help your audience. If you improve the website’s efficiency, the user experience will eventually improve. 

Choose the Best Custom Web Design Agency in Sydney

Now that you know a custom web design has a lot of perks, you will surely want to hire experts in Sydney. Well, it is not as easy as it appears. Some of the key tips that can help you choose the best custom web design agency in Sydney include:

  • Know what you need: Your business requirements will differ from your competitors. Therefore, before you choose a custom web design agency, you must know what you want so that you can discuss it with the agency.
  • Check their portfolio: Once you have shortlisted a few agencies, you should check their portfolio and past works. This will help you get a basic idea of whether or not they can meet your expectations.
  • Experience: You should never move forward with an agency that does not have experience. In terms of experience, you should also work with someone who knows your field. 
  • Budget: You should set a budget and work with a custom web design agency. You can negotiate the budget in the initial stages itself. 


It’s high time that you bid farewell to a cookie-cutter website. After all, why would you want to blend in the online website when you can stand out? Having a custom website truly stands for looking good and doing good. Apart from having an aesthetic impact, they are pretty functional. Moreover, you have complete control of the custom website. Are you ready to launch your custom website in Sydney? Creato can help you go a long way.

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