Women In Investment

Celebrate the strides being made in the finance industry as we shine a spotlight on the incredible achievements of women who are breaking barriers and making their mark. While acknowledging the existing gender gap, let us also embrace the positive changes that are taking place, bringing a fresh wave of diversity and inclusivity to the investment realm.

In a traditionally male-dominated sector, women’s inherent knack for investment makes them stand apart! According to the Forbes Advisor, studies show women spend more time researching their investment choices. Women tend to take on fewer risks than men when investing. It doesn’t necessarily mean women are risk averse; instead, they simply take on appropriate levels of risks with their investment choices.

Let us introduce you to a few remarkable individuals who are revolutionizing the finance industry with their expertise and vision:

Anu Aiyengar, Global Co-Head of Mergers and Acquisitions at JPMorgan Chase, is renowned for guiding clients through complex transactions, earning her recognition as one of the “Most Powerful Women in Finance.”

Rupal J. Bhansali, Chief Investment Officer at Ariel Investments, is celebrated as one of the “World’s Greatest Investors” for her contrarian investment approach.

Meena Lakdawala-Flynn, Co-Head of Global Goldman Sachs Private Wealth Management, provides invaluable guidance to high-net-worth clients.

Sonal Desai, Chief Investment Officer of Franklin Templeton Fixed Income, excels in managing portfolios and providing astute macroeconomic analysis.

Savita Subramanian, Head of US Equity and Quantitative Strategy at Bank of America Securities, is recognized for her expertise in equity research and quantitative analysis.

But it’s not just individual achievements that inspire us. Companies like Avestar Capital are challenging gender norms by embracing diversity and inclusivity in their leadership and workplace.

Shilpa Mullan, the President and a member of the Board of Directors at Avestar Capital, led a remarkable team of women making waves in the industry. By fostering a data-driven and collaborative environment, they drive innovative solutions and enhance customer experiences.

Stacey Gillespie, the senior compliance group member at Avestar Capital, is vital in ensuring regulatory compliance and setting policies to mitigate risks. Her expertise and dedication contribute significantly to the long-term success and sustainability of the company.

Licia Salice-Jarisch, a Financial Officer at Avestar Capital, brings her extensive finance and accounting background. Recognized by Forbes in 2018, Licia’s commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements enables her to optimize efficiency and streamline operations for the company.

Anita Lam, the Corporate Administrator at Avestar Capital, skillfully manages administrative tasks and ensures client satisfaction. Her attention to detail and ability to balance short-term needs with long-term goals are invaluable assets to the organization.

The collaboration and synergy within the Avestar Capital team, exemplified by the dynamic relationship between Anita and Xerxes, a member of the board of directors, showcase the power of diverse perspectives.

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