Your Guide to Freight Load Boards

Are you looking to more effectively connect shippers with the carriers they need? Now couldn’t be a better time to hone your freight brokerage business.

Research shows that logistics careers are expected to grow by 4% between 2019 and 2029.

An easy way to take your business to the next level is with a freight load board. Freight load boards are online platforms that connect shippers, brokers, and carriers.

Let’s explore how freight load boards work.

What Are Freight Load Boards?

A freight load board is a digital matching system that lets freight brokers and shippers post their available loads or freight. They can also post what kind of equipment they need to move their freight.

This system also lets carriers, like truck operators, post any available equipment they have. In addition, they can search the system to find available freight they can carry.

Through this system, a carrier and a shipper can discover each other. They can then enter into a freight-moving agreement.

This system benefits both parties. Carriers get to fill their idle trucks with freight loads. In addition, shippers get to move their loads.

A board features the following types of vital information:

  • Kind of material that needs to be shipped
  • Weight allowances
  • Desired timing
  • Refrigeration capabilities
  • Desired destinations
  • Rates

This information can help facilitate matching.

Freight Load Board Software

Several cloud software providers offer freight board functionality today. Top-quality boards eliminate the need for manual searching/matching because they let users input their requirements and get automatic matches. This saves users time.

Automated systems can also access several networks simultaneously. This gives load board users more options to get verified matches. That means loads get covered even more quickly.

In addition, load boards can help a shipper find a carrier that fits their network. This can help them build more profitable, stronger relationships.

Load Board Benefits

A major benefit of a load board is that is efficient and convenient. Users can access the board wherever they can access the internet. In addition, both carriers and shippers can access it from their mobile devices or computers.

This type of board is available around the clock. This means users can look for matches anytime and find the most recent information.

Another benefit of a load board is its intuitiveness. These types of boards are simple to use because they don’t require technical knowledge. Carriers can view available loads just by creating accounts and logging in.

Load Board Types

Multiple types of load boards are designed to meet users’ unique requirements.

For instance, a traditional load board is a traditional forum that lets truckers, shippers, and freight brokers share details about loads, destinations, and capacities.

Meanwhile, a “less than truckload” load board features information about loads that aren’t big enough to fill trailers on their own. In this case, they will probably be paired with other loads.

Another type of board is a miscellaneous load board. This board features loads that don’t belong to the other two categories. Examples of these unconventional loads include livestock and boats.

The First Online Freight Brokerage Software

The first online freight brokerage software, LoadPilot Freight Broker Software, was created in 2005. This software has evolved over the years to help transportation professionals run their businesses. Freight brokers have used this software to run their companies more easily, more efficiently, and more quickly.

LoadPilot is recommended for mid-sized, small, and new brokerages who want to use load boards. The system integrates with several load boards. This helps with managing several aspects of a freight brokerage business.

A major benefit of this brokerage software is that brokers developed it. This means brokerage companies that use it can expect it to meet their industry-specific needs.

In addition, the software’s features were created based on its users’ recommendations and suggestions. That means LoadPilot’s features are speedy and robust. In addition, it doesn’t have any unnecessary or complicated features.

The software also comes with brief video tutorials to help users navigate the system easily. In addition, the software has an alert and error-prevention system that can help them learn the system. This means quicker onboarding for new users and fewer beginning mistakes.

Capabilities With Freight Brokerage Software

With LoadPilot, you can manage all of your loads digitally. In addition, you can email or fax information like bills of lading, invoices, and rate confirmations just by clicking a button.

This system will also let you quote, post to different load boards, invoice, and organize your business online.

If you’re looking for sales leads, you can take advantage of the system’s database of more than 100,000 carriers and 30,000 shippers as well. The database is easy to search and offers companies‘ contact information and details.

This software’s accounting system can also be exported to QuickBooks to make your accounting process easy.

LoadPilot is ideal for a broker with multiple agents, too. You can add all of your agents, no matter how many you have, to the board. There, you can control what they do and confirm they are following your processes.

You can even add higher-level agents called super agents to the load board. These professionals can assist you in managing your business.

Embrace Freight Load Boards Today

Freight load boards are matching systems that let freight brokers and shippers post their freight. Then, carriers can search for the freight they have the equipment to carry. LoadPilot software makes it easy to use several load boards to run your company more efficiently.

Consider the many above-listed benefits of load boards and LoadPilot as you seek to elevate your transportation business in the years ahead.

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