Why You Should Consider Physical Therapy For That Hand Pain

Physical therapy can be an effective treatment for many types of hand pain. However, finding the right therapist involves more than just searching for physical therapy clinics near me. For example, learning more about the many benefits of PT for hand pain can help you ask informed questions as you start searching. Here are several reasons why you should consider physical therapy for hand pain. 

Regaining Hand Functions

Many types of hand pain are accompanied by a loss of use. This can complicate everyday activities, such s getting dressed and preparing food. It can also interfere with favorite activities that require dexterity and fine motor skills. Luckily, physical therapy is an excellent way o regain some of the most commonly lost motor functions associated with hand pain. 

When your hands hurt, you may resist using them. Unfortunately, inactivity causes muscle loss and, over time, atrophy. As a result, you will eventually lose the ability to make certain movements or perform routine actions. A physical therapist will guide you through appropriate exercises that help rebuild muscle and, as a result, regain hand functions that have been lost due to lack of use. 

Managing Cramping and Hand Pain

Hand pain can affect virtually every aspect of your life. Many different factors, both acute and chronic, can cause it. Some of the most common causes of hand pain that can benefit from PT include:

  • Acute injuries, such as a broken bone or torn tendon
  • Repetitive use injuries, such as carpal tunnel syndrome or pinched nerves
  • Scar tissue
  • Degenerative disorders, such as osteoarthritis

Luckily, these can often be effectively managed with an appropriate physical therapy program. 

Obtaining a Complete Diagnosis

Hand pain is often directly associated with problems in other parts of the body. Therefore, treatment for your hands may help you get a diagnosis of another problem that is contributing to the discomfort. For example, TMJ physical therapy treatment often uncovers neck and postural alignment issues that can affect your upper extremities. 

Improving Your Quality of Life

It is difficult to enjoy your life fully when you are in constant pain. Since physical therapy can help to reduce chronic pain and regain function, it is also an excellent tool to improve quality of life. So, if you have been avoiding favorite activities, such as crafts, sports, or writing, physical therapy may be just what you need to get back to them. 

Helping To Delay or Avoid Surgery

Some conditions that cause hand pain require surgery. However, many can be managed effectively for long periods with physical therapy. Even if you eventually need surgery for your hand condition, undergoing physical therapy can still help. In addition to potentially postponing surgery, it also builds strength so that you can recover more quickly after an operation.

Hand pain often affects many aspects of everyday life. It can be caused by several different types of injuries and degenerative conditions, many of which can be effectively managed with physical therapy. Instead of resigning yourself to the pain, search for hand therapy near me to find a therapist that can help you live a full, pain-free life.

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